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I'll update the 2017 budget numbers with actuals tomorrow.






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On 10 December 2017 at 10:35, MarĂ­a Arias de Reyna <delawen at gmail.com> wrote:

This meeting will be mostly for the budget. So if we do our homework
before that, I see no problem. I don't know about others.


Taking this to a separate thread so as not to distract from scheduling. I agreed about the home work, what do have have that needs doing? 


Q: Compare OSGeo Budget 2018 with prior years?


The finance committee page has the best overview of prior budgets (both passed by the OSGeo board and by the Finance committee when it was operating).


Q: I would like to know how much we spent in 2017.


There is a column for it in our draft budget but it is not filled in yet. There are two ways to arrive at this number; go through our motions in loomio and see what spending was approved; or ask our treasurer (since even approved money is sometimes not spent, like for the foss4ge code sprint pizza).


A related note may be expected income from foss4g 2017, I understand 2016 is still waiting on tax system.


Q: Double check our draft budget against the email requests.


I think anyone can do this, please reply to the request email so we do not double check. As an example I replied to Ben's request for a GeoServer budget after making sure it was listed correctly on the wiki.


Q: Discuss things that appear unclear / odd / surprising


There are a lot of code sprint requests, they have been isolated into a separate category since they have a procedure to follow (involving securing sponsorship beyond just OSGeo) and funds raised from one event help support the next. So if we have a total of 10k for a code sprint budget we may only need 6k cash on hand to accomplish that goal.  To make sense of the code sprint requests we may need the GRASS and PostGIS budget requests need to be broken out so we can plan this effectively.


The C Tribe spring showed up under the map server budget request, we should probably untangle this one so it is clear.


Q: Note proposed activities that are not accounted for ... a couple that have been mentioned in meetings and email that have not been pursued. 


We have not yet reformed the geospatial data committee, or dissolved the old one.  I think we could plan that such a committee will exist and set aside some budget for operations. 


By the same token for the last two meetings Jeff McKenna has wanted to discuss setting up a website committee. Jeff if you wish to peruse this discussion can we do so via email prior to the budget is set?


Turning a day near the bonn code sprint into a f2f meeting that involves either all officers (an idea I proposed earlier) or all "charter" members (and idea proposed during debates on different election styles).


Hiring a position to assist with director activities; may be some overlap with duty of "meeting scribe" (following up on motions and actions) and secretary (following up on formal correspondence). 


Clarification on liability insurance with respect to our officers, including committee chairs and project representatives. While we had a good email discussion we do not yet have clear guidance.




Jody Garnett

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