[Board] Voting Results of RfP 2019

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Fri Dec 22 13:38:09 PST 2017

Dear MaríaA, Vasile, OSGeo Board members,

I first wish to thank both Seville and Bucharest teams for 2 great 
proposals.  I also want to thank the Conference Committee for reviewing 
both proposals so thoroughly.  And of course congratulations to the 
Bucharest team.

As you know, I have been printing out FOSS4G proposals, making notes, 
and sharing thoughts on proposals for about 15 years in a row (that in 
itself is a little striking ha).  Although I am not part of the 
Conference Committee, my heart and passion is still there, these days I 
work almost constantly helping smaller regional events grow; so I hope I 
can be a little old-school & share my feedback here in the open - it is 
my feeling that as Board members we have a responsibility to take time 
to also review the proposals, the recommendation by the Conference 
Committee, and share our thoughts and views with our Board hats on. 
This feedback does not need any response, but I do think as a Board 
member I should be sharing my thoughts and feedback openly.

(I should note here that I did help Till and the Conference Committee by 
assisting with the voting)

Here is a summary of my feedback:

- the Seville proposal I believe raised the bar for creativity, and 
helped bring the reader through an adventure like I have not seen in all 
my FOSS4G years; I felt curious and enticed into knowing more how the 
actual adventure would be.  Thank you María and Cristina, and the whole 
team, you make me proud to be a part of this community.

- the Bucharest organizing team and its passion truly give me strength 
and excitement for FOSS4G-2019.  I could not be more excited for a 
FOSS4G event.  Thank you Vasile and the whole team.

- I did not see much focus on OSGeo's important Annual General Meeting. 
Those fellow old-school people might remember me all those years pinging 
local committees and pushing for a separate session (not at the same 
time as other talks) as part of the final program.  As OSGeo Board 
members, we should be reminding the Bucharest team on this importance.

- As a Board member, I would like to have a representative of the 
Bucharest-2019 team report progress at each OSGeo Board meeting.  Years 
ago (in the old days) the Board would appoint a representative who would 
work with the local team and then report progress at each Board meeting; 
I'd like to bring back this for the 2019 event (and 2020 etc).  I feel 
monthly updates to the OSGeo Board on the global FOSS4G progress is very 
important to the foundation.

- As some members of the OSGeo Conference Committee mentioned, I also 
have concerns with the limits of the selected venue for 
FOSS4G-Bucharest.  I have reviewed the 3 options to handle this, 
provided by the Bucharest team during the question period.  This I feel 
is a very important issue, and one that I was planning to mention to 
Vasile in tomorrow's Board meeting.  With Boston bringing in 1161 
attendees, we are clearly entering a new phase of venue requirements.  I 
think it is ok to talk about this as a Board (talking now is better than 
leaving it until later)

- I am happy to see that open data is a large focus on the Bucharest 
event (with the "Open Source EO Data Challenge").  This could really be 
great timing for OSGeo's Geodata committee (a needed boost).  With so 
many FOSS4G-SotM events being planned for 2018, this open data 
relationship is very important for the OSGeo foundation.

I will of course relay these thoughts at tomorrow's face-to-face Board 
meeting.  I was initially planning on waiting until tomorrow to give 
feedback, but it is always best to share openly (and there is a Loomio 
vote with a deadline pushing me ha, which I will do now).  I do hope as 
a Board we can talk of some of these items together tomorrow.

Again thank you to both teams!

Finally, I wish both teams a merry Christmas.


On 2017-12-19 2:29 AM, Till Adams wrote:
> Dear board,
> the conference committee has voted. We have a clear quorum for the
> *Bucharest* proposal.
> So, as chair of the conference committee, I propose to accept the quorum
> and officially choose Bucharest as location for hosting our global
> FOSS4G 2019.
> Regards, Till
>> Dear OSGeo-Community,
>> it's my pleasure to publish, that FOSS4G 2019 will take place in
>> ***Bucharest***
>> Congratulations to the Bucharest team! Now the work begins...
>> We received 9 votes, from out of 14 CC members (there are 15 members
>> including Vasile, who did of course not vote), which is enough for
>> quorum. Congrats to the winners and also my respect for the Sevilla team
>> for their fair competition and their great proposal! It could have been
>> both locations.

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