[Board] Video cal in December

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Fri Dec 22 19:13:10 PST 2017

Hi María,

I am looking forward to the meeting tomorrow.

I also use Jitsi frequently now, it is a great service.  The only issue 
I've had is with video when 1 or 2 have connection problems (I imagine 
most of us are holiday traveling tomorrow during the meeting, in a place 
with unknown internet) - I've found the best solution for that is to use 
audio-only (Jitsi is very solid and reliable then).   Or we can take our 
chances on everyone's video speeds.   We can switch to audio-only if 
there are issues tomorrow.

See you shortly!


On 2017-12-22 2:31 AM, María Arias de Reyna wrote:
> Hi,
> This is a reminder that tomorrow we have a meeting.
> Nobody has said anything about the platform for the videocall. I propose 
> jitsi because it allows other people to join us freely without losing 
> the control of who speaks. We can even live stream the meeting or share 
> later in youtube (don't know about other platforms). It can share screen 
> (something which skype doesn't) or share a text pad (we can 
> collaboratively help in the minutes making). And it is FOSS. If we like 
> this a lot, we can even install our own server to have completely privacy.
> So, my proposal is: please, try before the meeting 
> https://meet.jit.si/FOSS4G It should work on all major browsers 
> (something which Google hangouts doesn't).
> Tomorrow we can start there and on irc at the same time, so if we have 
> problems, we can fail back to Google Hangouts, Skype, irc or whatever.
> Regards,
> María.

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