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Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Thu Jul 27 01:46:46 PDT 2017

I'll let others comment on this particular thread. It is very sad to 
hear of people having a computer stolen and noble to hear of people 
helping those in need.

But on a general level, I suggest that OSGeo should be careful not to 
become all things to all people. We should focus on what we are best at. 
There are insurance companies designed to manage loss of items. For 
future incidents of this type, lets make use of them rather than 
designing our own.

Cheers, Cameron (not a current board member, so my vote doesn't count)

On 27/7/17 12:21 am, Jeff McKenna wrote:
> Thank you Luca for bringing this to everyone's attention.  Indeed this 
> was a very unfortunate incident.  I am a strong +1 to help Niroshan 
> and Nick in any costs not covered by insurance.
> The day before this happened I also left my bag for a few hours behind 
> the registration desk; this could have happened to anyone.
> This kind of thing has been at the back of my mind for a while now; 
> how lucky we have been for accidents at FOSS4G events.  We travel to 
> areas all around the world, and anything can happen. Luckily Niroshan 
> or Nick were not hurt or injured.
> It might be a good time to review the event insurance for our FOSS4G 
> events, and how it relates to unfortunate accidents like this.  (and 
> how we would handle the cases if the attendee had no personal 
> insurance, which would have been my case - for example, maybe the 
> OSGeo Board should set aside a small block of funding in each yearly 
> budget for this)
> But my gut feeling is that was a small warning, as our FOSS4G event 
> grows in popularity, we must take care, to take care of our attendees.
> I am very sorry for such a hassle to Niroshan and Nick, to their 
> studies and their work.  I hope we can agree to make sure that they 
> have to pay nothing out of their own pockets to replace lost 
> equipment; and also agree to take this as a small lesson and review 
> our own event policies.
> -jeff

Cameron Shorter
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