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As mentioned on last board meeting, I'm summarizing and posting everything
we got so far on this subject.

So this comes from many threads already. To simplify context: I'm trying to
push some things to improve OSGeo as a safe space where everybody is
welcomed and feel encouraged to work on our goals.

CoC committee, as suspected, is gone. I volunteered to pick up the task and
be the new CoC committee. Shared some emails with Kristin Bott for this and
she's happy with it. It would be good if it is not only me (worst case:
what if I am involved in something the CoC has to review?), but for a
start, that will do.

1.- I need to get access to the CoC internal and public email. Jeff, I
think you have privileges to do so?
2.- We should have some kind of news saying this. Maybe we should wait for
the following action?

I also wrote this statement to make them official. Pending more review.
Remember I am not a native speaker and this is intendedly neutral. If it
doesn't sound neutral, then please, correct me:

"Recent events in the community have shown that we have to work on how to
make the communication friendlier. We all, as OSGeo, must remove the recent
bullying and campaigning mentality that is unfortunately part of the recent
OSGeo culture. Fair play is key on all aspects of communication both inside
and outside the community channels, because an OSGeo member represents the
community at all times. We should remember to be empathic and kind to all
members of the community. We are all fighting for the same goals and we
should encourage cooperation, not hinder each other. Disclosing private
data or hinting threats is not helpful and can only make our community less
comfortable for everyone. We will work on improving actions on harmful
behavior and learn how to communicate on a more assertive way. We don't
want to punish involuntary behavior that may be harmful, but improve it to
make the community stronger and healthier.

We want to remind the community that, up till now, local and regional
events are not required to disclose their budgets and accounts. Although we
want to be as transparent as possible, we understand that each LOC can
negotiate private agreements with different providers that benefit the
community and can't be disclosed. This is a transparency we accept to give
up in favor of being able to reach further. In any case, we kindly ask
local and regional events to disclose as much information as possible, in
addition to statistics and demographics of participants, to collect data
that will help organize future events and improve diversity. All events,
big or small, are important to our community and all of them are doing an
outstanding work in expanding our mission and we want them to succeed."

3.- Please, someone review or comment or suggest or at least say it is
4.- Board members, if you don't agree, please, elaborate on how to improve
it. I don't want to delay it much further.

The third thing I am working on is to get a revision of the CoC. For that I
am doing first some research, but in the coming months (free time
availability and more volunteers dependent) I expect to elaborate and
review it to improve it.

5.- I guess me, compiling more info.

Greetings from the beach and have a nice day!
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