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Fri Dec 21 09:55:45 PST 2018

Dear OSGeo board,

First of all we want to congratulate you for the results of the elections,
wish a warm welcome the new members and a welcome back the re-elected.

It’s with much joy that we are writing to tell you that the Spanish
speaking micro chapter Geoinquiet at s Argentina has been legally constituted
as “GeoLibres” (Geo Free) on Friday  14th December 2018. This is a legal
framework to support Geoinquiet at s Argentina and other communities that wish
to join in the future.

This is why we want to officially express our intention to be the Argentina
local chapter of OSGeo, where Malena Libman, as president of the NGO, will
be the one who will liaise with the OSGEO board.

For those who do not know us yet, Geoinquiet at s Argentina has been working
since 2012, mirroring the initiative that began in Spain with Geoinquietos,
with informal meetings to talk about free geomatics. In 2013 we organized
the first local version of FOSS4G (as Geoinquietos Buenos Aires), this
event was held at the National Geographic Institute, gathering more than
200 people in workshops, presentations, projects and exhibitions of cases
of free tools usage applied to geomatics; including a day dedicated to
OpenStreetMap. Since then, both communities are in continuous collaboration
and participation in these events.

The next year, part of the team that organized the FOSS4G in 2013 prepared
the first State of the Map conference in Latin America, in Buenos Aires.
More than 170 participants attended the event, which was a success given
that in Latin America the OSM communities had never held an international
event of this kind.

In SOTM 2014, the organizers and representatives of other South American
countries proposed and debated the creation of an annual regional
conference called State of the Map Latam that was held for the first time
in Santiago, Chile in 2015.

In 2016 Geoinquietos Argentina hold the FOSS4G conference again with a
greater focus on the development of workshops and debate activities by
including a whole day dedicated to communities and organizations related to
the use and creation of open geographic data.

In 2017, Geoinquietos Argentina and members of the OpenStreetMap community
joined forces to put together the two events and hold FOSS4G + SOTM
Argentina. It was the longest event so far, with one day of activities for
universities, two days of workshops, two days of lectures and talks; ending
in a hackathon/mapathon.

In 2018, the OpenStreetMap community organized the SOTM Latam, and we are
organizing the next FOSS4G Argentina 2019 for the month of April. Everyone
is invited!

The objectives of Geonquiet at s Argentina are:


   Create a space for articulation of the communities linked to free
   geomatics and open geospatial data of Argentina, with international
   initiatives on these same topics,

   Promote collaborative production and free access to open source
   geospatial information in Argentina.

   Encourage the implementation of open standards and interoperability
   applied to geospatial information technologies in Argentina.

   Promote the exchange of knowledge and sharing of good practices related
   to free geomatics technologies through activities of communities in

Mission: generate a space where the creation and use of geographic data of
free access is promoted, the adoption of geographic standards, the use of
free and open source software for the development of geospatial information
capabilities, through actions that promote and strengthen the geomatics
community in Argentina.

Vision: strengthen the geomatics community through these spaces. We adopt
proactivity as a methodology in our community, technology as the means and
the concept openness as a base of fundamentals.

These are some of the members who are active today:


   Gabriela Ackermann

   Cristian Zamar

   Louca Lerch

   Carlos Nelson Jimenez

   Luis Piccinali

   Vladimiro Bellini

   Mauricio Márquez Goa

   Martin Bustos


   Nestor Barrionuevo

   Federico Gazaba


   Gabriel Asato


   Gonzalo Varela

   Tito Areco

   Nico Setula

   Luz Fuentes

   Sol Represa

   Emiliano Guipponi

   Fernando Gimenez

   Renzo Polo


   Florencia Raymundo

   Juan Ra

   Hernán Alperin


   Andrea Torres

   Valeria Meza

   Andres Juarez

   Gustavo Daniel González

   Fabricio Ariztigueta


   Juan Manuel Calabia

   César Saravia

   Matías Gaute

   Agustin Ganoves

   Joaquin Bacigalupo

   Alejandro Leone

   Gerardo Ariel Cabezas

   Luciani Bolcatto

   Atahualpa Ayala


   Eve Figueroa

   Gus Lopez

   Franco Scagnetti

   Carlos Salinas

   Arnaldo Meza

   Guillermo Dannenberg

   Ricardo Pacheco

We would also like to ask the board if there is any way we can get some
seed money from OSGeo, to pay some of the expenses for the NGO while we
managed to start raising funds in order to work, as you did with the Europe

Wishing you have a great end of the year and happy holidays, hoping next
year brings many more free and open source geogoodness.


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