[Board] Chat to discuss inclusivity issues

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Tue Feb 20 08:29:50 PST 2018

Dear María,

Thank you for mentioning this here.  Maybe Mark could attend the IRC 
meeting on 1st March[1]?  (might be the best option to get full Board 
feedback, as that scheduled meeting is only 9 days away).   But I'm open 
for other options if an earlier discussion is needed (please add me to 
the list of attendees).  -jeff

[1]  https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Board_Meeting_2018-03-01

On 2018-02-20 12:08 PM, María Arias de Reyna wrote:
> Dear Board (and fellow members),
> Maybe you missed the conversation here:
> https://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/conference_dev/2018-February/004696.html
> We are debating how to approach on the best way the problem of inclusion 
> and laws in different countries that may prevent different FOSS4G events 
> to comply with the CoC.
> Mark wants to have a chat with us soon (this week?) to make sure we have 
> a common ground and create good guidelines for this. We have pending 
> deciding when to meet.
> I know this in a rush and we will have to discuss more and with more 
> people in the following weeks/months (Bonn?). But it is good that for 
> next FOSS4G we have a clear statement about security as soon as 
> possible. In case you are wondering: there shouldn't be any major issue.
> And then we can define guidelines for the future, like can we host 
> FOSS4G in a country where some people are banned? (And I fear that 
> includes USA, which I know is a major issue.)
> Regards,
> María.

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