[Board] QGIS UserConf 2019. Financial support request. Estimated budget attached

Luigi Pirelli luipir at gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 14:49:30 PST 2019


OSGEO and QGIS boards, I'm Luigi Pirelli, writing on behalf of the "Asociaciòn
QGIS España" <http://qgis.es/>and Xeoinquedos <http://xeoinquedos.eu/>
Galicia, that is the organisation committee for the next QGIS User
Conference and developer meeting. <http://2019.qgis.es/>

With this mail we officially ask for financial contribution of the event.

Attached you can find the estimated budget of the event in which we added
two income related to OSGEO and QGIS.org financial support of the event.
The amounts has been set basing on previous user conf financed by OSGEO and

Please let us know any information or detail necessary to facilitate the

Luigi Pirelli on behalf of the organisation committee
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