[Board] OSGeo Community Day/Code Sprint Sponsorship proposal

Jan Ducnuigeen jldindc at gmail.com
Wed Jul 24 18:26:57 PDT 2019

On behalf of the FOSS4G SotM Oceania conference organising committee, below
is our proposal for Community Day/Code Sprint sponsorship.
I have attached the same document as a pdf as well.
Kind regards,
-Jan Ducnuigeen

OSGeo community day and code sprint sponsorship proposal


Request from: FOSS4G SotM Oceania conference and community day/code sprint

Email: admin at foss4g-oceania.org

Website: https://2019.foss4g-oceania.org/

Basic Information


   Audience: how many people are expected?

      We have budgeted for 170 people to attend the main FOSS4G SotM
      Oceania conference, and have already had a significant number
      self-subscribe to our announcement list. Early indications are
that we will
      reach our 170 attendee target.

      For the combined community day/code sprint (occurring immediately
      after the main conference), we currently have several community members
      wishing to lead a variety of events potentially including Missing Maps
      events, improving features, and providing instructional documentation. We
      expect about 100 attending based on our 2018 event.

   Region: is the sprint localized to a specific region?

      The proposed community day and code sprint is hosted in Wellington,
      New Zealand, with most attendees coming from Australia and New
Zealand. We
      are supporting attendance from wider Oceania via our Travel Grant Program

   Projects: is the sprint to work on just one specific project, or is it
   for multiple projects?

      The proposed community day and code sprint will work on multiple
      projects, and specifics are yet to be confirmed, but volunteers
are looking
      to lead activities for  the QGIS project, OpenStreetMap as well as local
      mapping efforts specifically in the Oceania region.

   Length: how many days will the sprint cover?

      1 day. The combined community day/code sprint will immediately follow
      the main FOSS4G SotM Oceania conference.


   Venue: where will the sprint be held? will food be provided? will
   overnight lodging be provided?

      The venue will be the Victoria University of Wellington, Rutherford
      House in Wellington, New Zealand. Food will be provided on the
day. We have
      dedicated budget for a TGP aimed at increasing the diversity,
      and reach of the conference. TGP attendees will be provided with funding
      toward their accommodation to ensure that they are available to
attend the
      community day/code sprint.

Expected Budget


   Where is the prospective budget published? Provide a link to a publicly
   accessible resource (e.g. wiki). The prospective budget shall list the
   levels/amounts of forecasted sponsorship, and show that OSGeo is providing
   matching funds (see Sponsorship Criteria below).

      The approved conference budget can be viewed here.

      For the community day/code sprint, the only cost we have is catering,
      at $45. per head.

The budget shall contain the following information:


   what is the expected registration fee, if any, for each attendee?

      There is no cost to attendees of the community day and code sprint.

   what is the expected amount of third-party sponsorships?

      Specific sponsorship of the community day/code sprint is not being
      sought. Our sponsorship drive is more broadly for OSGeo Oceania
      including FOSS4G SotM Oceania 2019, and the expected amounts are detailed
      in the budget linked above. 14 sponsors have strongly indicated that they
      will be sponsoring this year. These sponsorship funds will contribute to
      half of the cost of the community day/code sprint.


   what in-kind donations are expected (such as donated use of a conference

      The classrooms for the community day and code sprint at the
      Rutherford House are free, donated by the Victoria University of


   what is the desired amount of OSGeo sponsorship?

      Catering costs are expected to be $45NZD per head, with an expected
      attendance of 100, so a total cost of $4,500 NZD.

      We request OSGeo to cover half the cost for the expected attendance
      of 100 people, or $2,250 NZD.


   what is the expected cost per attendee, for travel, lodging, and food?

      There is no cost to attend the community day. There will be minimal
      incidental costs for the majority of attendees as they will already be in
      town for the conference. Accommodation in Wellington ranges from
      (hostel) to $200/night (high end hotel).


   what is the expected cost for the venue (such as conference room, wifi
   support, snacks, etc)?

      The community day venue is being provided for free by Victoria
      University of Wellington.

      The organising committee will be attending to provide support. Our
      volunteer team is listed at https://2019.foss4g-oceania.org/team.

      Community day/code sprint venue costs will only involve catering, for



Profit / Loss / Risk


   What is the expected profit of the event, if any? where will any surplus
   money go?

      Expected profit from the code sprint is $0. Any revenue generated
      from the conference as a whole will be held by OSGeo Oceania, a
      company limited by guarantee. These funds would be used for
similar future
      events organised by OSGeo Oceania.


   Under what circumstances might the event incur a loss? how will this
   risk be mitigated?

      The community day and code sprint will incur a loss if unforeseen
      circumstances cause the conference to be cancelled very close to the time
      of the event. We are assessing options for insurance cover to
mitigate this
      risk. OSGeo Oceania will absorb any losses that do occur. Seeking funding
      from OSGeo is also part of our mitigation strategy.
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