[Board] Sponsoring activity of education

Massimiliano Cannata massimiliano.cannata at supsi.ch
Tue Oct 15 00:55:54 PDT 2019

Dear board,
I'm submitting a project proposal for conducting a training program in
developing countries on open software, standard, data, hardware for
collecting weather data to combat climate change.

This is perfectly in line with the open geoscience committee activity.

The call for partners got unexpected feedback, and the available budget
won't let me cover Nepal and Ethiopia.

I was wandering if OSGeo could sponsor this initiative with 5000 USD that
will cover the cost of equipment to conduct workshops.
Don't know if from marketing or open geoscience or other.

Due to very very close deadline I wandered if I could have any feedback in
a few days.

OSGeo will get highest visibility and more members in the community.

Looking forward for any feedback.

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