[OSGeo-Boston] OLPC Health Mapping Discussion - 9AM EDT Mon, Sept 13 (Kendall Sq/Conf Call)

Holt holt at laptop.org
Fri Sep 10 13:00:48 EDT 2010

  Please join us 9AM Monday Sept 13, discussing Rumi Chunara's health 
surveillance work below, at Harvard Medical School, and its possible 
OLPC relevance?

Ms. Chunara will appear at OLPC in Kendall Sq, Cambridge, Massachusetts 
in person, giving a very snappy 10+ min presentation of her ideas around 
this fascinating topic -- then asking for your practical reflections on 
our global society increasingly entering the Ushahidi / Crisis-Mapping / 
Grassroots Mapping era:

    /"I'm working for a group that runs HealthMap (see:
    http://healthmap.org).  As you will see, we look for disparate
    information sources to track Health events.

    I was thinking that since OLPC reaches so many people in so many
    places, there could be some interesting information obtained from
    each of the computers when in use, that could be used for downstream
    interpretation as well as possibly for feedback about efficacy of
    some OLPC programs, that we could visualize and use such as the
    information we currently use on HealthMap.  I'm sure there a whole
    host of privacy and other logistical matters regarding this, but I
    [nevertheless would love to investigate] these possibilities.

    I think there could be some very neat and useful properties
    obtained, and OLPC can make use of it's penetration to-date to
    initiate this type of work."/

All please RSVP to me privately if you want our exact Kendall Sq 
location and/or conf-call digits!  Also please read up on Rumi Chunara 
and her 14-person HealthMap team: (http://healthmap.org/theteam/)

    /*Rumi Chunara, PhD* is a Research Fellow at HealthMap and Harvard
    Medical School with a background in building biological sensors.
     Rumi is particularly interested in information obtained from
    sensors and how it can be used to augment health care.  She is
    trained as an engineer and her doctoral studies were through the
    Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology. She also has
    gained clinical experience at hospitals in Pakistan, Kenya and the US./

Committed to advancing the wider R&D challenge around live-mapping 
disaster/response?? Strongly consider Oct 1-3's Crisis Mappers Net Fair 
& Conference at Tufts University: 

PS Kudos to Beth Santos for similarly making strides building strong 
OLPC Health connections around sanitation/water science "curriculum" 
this past Monday 9AM, with possible immediate applications for the kids 
Waveplace.org is helping in Haiti by end of year.
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