[OSGeo-Boston] Re: OLPC Health Mapping Discussion - 9AM EDT Mon, Sept 13 (Kendall Sq/Conf Call)

Holt holt at laptop.org
Mon Sep 13 00:04:33 EDT 2010

Please download Rumi Chunara's slides (14.4MB, 13 pages) in advance of 
her talk.


Thanks for bringing your best questions to our call & live chat (below) 
9hrs from now!

Holt wrote:
> Thanks all for joining Monday 9AM EDT (Boston Time...) for Rumi 
> Chunara's presentation and community Q&A, where ~10 PDF slides and a 
> live phone number will be posted.  Join us here, at that time:
>     http://forum.laptop.org/chat
> Firefox preferred -- or point your favorite IRC client software to 
> channel #olpc-help on irc.freenode.net -- thanks all for your 
> input+ideas on the call!
> Holt wrote:
>> Please join us 9AM Monday Sept 13, discussing Rumi Chunara's health 
>> surveillance work below, at Harvard Medical School, and its possible 
>> OLPC relevance?
>> Ms. Chunara will appear at OLPC in Kendall Sq, Cambridge, 
>> Massachusetts in person, giving a very snappy 10+ min presentation of 
>> her ideas around this fascinating topic -- then asking for your 
>> practical reflections on our global society increasingly entering the 
>> Ushahidi / Crisis-Mapping / Grassroots Mapping era:
>>     /"I'm working for a group that runs HealthMap (see:
>>     http://healthmap.org).  As you will see, we look for disparate
>>     information sources to track Health events.
>>     I was thinking that since OLPC reaches so many people in so many
>>     places, there could be some interesting information obtained from
>>     each of the computers when in use, that could be used for
>>     downstream interpretation as well as possibly for feedback about
>>     efficacy of some OLPC programs, that we could visualize and use
>>     such as the information we currently use on HealthMap.  I'm sure
>>     there a whole host of privacy and other logistical matters
>>     regarding this, but I [nevertheless would love to investigate]
>>     these possibilities.
>>     I think there could be some very neat and useful properties
>>     obtained, and OLPC can make use of it's penetration to-date to
>>     initiate this type of work."/
>> All please RSVP to me privately if you want our exact Kendall Sq 
>> location and/or conf-call digits!  Also please read up on Rumi 
>> Chunara and her 14-person HealthMap team: (http://healthmap.org/theteam/)
>>     /*Rumi Chunara, PhD* is a Research Fellow at HealthMap and
>>     Harvard Medical School with a background in building biological
>>     sensors.  Rumi is particularly interested in information obtained
>>     from sensors and how it can be used to augment health care.  She
>>     is trained as an engineer and her doctoral studies were through
>>     the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology. She
>>     also has gained clinical experience at hospitals in Pakistan,
>>     Kenya and the US./
>> Committed to advancing the wider R&D challenge around live-mapping 
>> disaster/response?? Strongly consider Oct 1-3's Crisis Mappers Net 
>> Fair & Conference at Tufts University: 
>> http://www.crisismappers.net/page/iccm-2010-haiti-and-beyond
>> PS Kudos to Beth Santos for similarly making strides building strong 
>> OLPC Health connections around sanitation/water science "curriculum" 
>> this past Monday 9AM, with possible immediate applications for the 
>> kids Waveplace.org is helping in Haiti by end of year.
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