[OSGeo-Brasil] Presentation at GeoLivre

Taichi FURUHASHI taichi em mapconcierge.jp
Quarta Novembro 18 05:19:18 EST 2009

Dear OSGeo-Brasil all:
and  Dear Jeff:

Hi, I'm Taichi, a director with OSGeo.JP

I have worked with the IBAMA in Brasilia.
And, just now, I am moving to Brasilia for 2nd work.

Maybe, I will arrive at Brasilia on the early night, November 19th.
So, I can not join your meeting (at 16:30-18:00 in GeoLivre).
But if you can, I want to join & talk your dinner in Brasilia.
Someone, please contact to me by e-mail( taichi at mapconcierge.jp ).

And, I will try to tweet my situation.


See you soon!

from Taichi FURUHASHI(OSGeo.JP / MAPconcierge)

> Hello OSGeo-Brazil,
> I made a video presentation this morning at the GeoLivre event, about 
> current and past OSGeo conferences 
> (http://www.slideshare.net/gatewaygeomatics.com/osgeo-conferences-report). 
>  I hope to attend an event in the near future hosted by the OSGeo-Br 
> chapter :)
> Thank you for having me (virtually) in your beautiful country.
> -jeff

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