[California] Planning for Exhibits, help needed

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Mon Jan 12 17:01:45 EST 2009

Joe Larson wrote:
> I'd like to mention a couple things.
> I searched through the mailing list (~6mo of recent history), not sure if there are any other ways to contribute to the Cal OSGeo Chapter, besides this push for the AGS/CGS - I imagine some sort of 'todo list' would be posted on the wiki http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/California ?
> Also, speaking of the CGS (The California Geography Society) annual conference 2009, I noticed it was in Santa Ynez this year. I think it would be appropriate to suggest a Central Coast Sub-Chapter for the California OSGeo Chapter. This chapter could potentially range from Monterrey (or San Luis Obispo) to Santa Barbara / Ventura - may be a bit large I realize.
> I already know some fellow OSGeo Central Coasters + there are some significant universities in the area which may potentially contribute to the cause. Feedback please! Cheers*joe
I'm not sure if there's a particular need for a sub chapter in order to
handle the conference. Once again the Davis crew will be traveling to
that conference already for academic reasons. We encourage more local
members to participate with us.

In terms of other contributions, we generally are trying to raise funds
for the exhibition pack, and organize some meetings in various locals.
Other ideas, suggest other venues for outreach, or projects (coding,
documenting, teaching) that people might want to collaborate on.

Feel free to start a list on the wiki page and if you know some folks
get them to join the list so we can at least discuss topics. I find it
hard to believe no one at UCSB has gotten involved yet.


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