[California] Becoming a Formal Chapter

Joe Larson joe at joelarson.com
Tue Jan 20 18:30:34 EST 2009

Sorry for the bad formatting in my previous email today.

Regarding becoming a formal chapter - great news yes! Alex, I reviewed 
the IRC log and lurked over part of the convo - thank you for 
spearheading the effort and giving your time and energy toward that!

I would assume defaulting to Skype for remote access with the Davis 
meeting in early Feb? Regarding a time, I work an 8-5 .. IRC 
participation could work, but Skype-like participation would need to 
occur after hours (or ~ lunch) for someone with a similar situation like 

As far as point person for SoCal goes, I think once we all get a better 
feeling on the level of participation in this half of the state - we may 
have a better handle on who may be appropriate for that role. I would be 
glad to fill the role if no one else steps up. Judging from 
http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/California#Membership SoCal is pretty lonely 
for active OSGeo members at this point in time.


> Alex,
> This is great news! I commend you on your leadership with the issues
> related to the California Chapter. I don't think much would be happening
> on this front without your initiative.
> Alex wrote: "I suggest we call a meeting in early Feb to take care of A
> and C."
> I have no problem making the meeting in Davis, as long as I know a few
> weeks in advance what the day is. I'm not sure how things will be for
> other working professionals, but obviously something in the evening or
> on weekends would work best for me. If this doesn't work well for others
> I can take some vacation time.
> Alex wrote: " Every effort will be made to offer remote participation
> for SoCal folks and I encourage them to also plan a meeting (maybe
> alternate NorCal, Socal every few months?)"
> Do we have a contact with any of the Socal folks so we could help them
> arrange a meeting and perhaps have a similar meeting agenda? It would be
> good to have a point man (or woman) down south that we could coordinate
> with.
> Landon

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