[California] Becoming a Formal Chapter

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Wed Jan 21 00:57:26 EST 2009

I had actually guessed a weekend would work better for most since a few
hours of travel would be involved for Northern CA people to get to a
physical location. I'll send out a separate thread with more about that.

As for dealing with the wiki, we can make subpages from the chapter
page. So it's easy to create a regional subchapter page, to see an
example see

We can move proposal/ideas to it's own page. I tend to shy away from
discussion pages since few people read those or even realize they exist.
They make way more sense for wikipedia articles.

Other than that feel free to post ideas to the list.


Joe Larson wrote:
> Sorry for the bad formatting in my previous email today.
> Regarding becoming a formal chapter - great news yes! Alex, I reviewed
> the IRC log and lurked over part of the convo - thank you for
> spearheading the effort and giving your time and energy toward that!
> I would assume defaulting to Skype for remote access with the Davis
> meeting in early Feb? Regarding a time, I work an 8-5 .. IRC
> participation could work, but Skype-like participation would need to
> occur after hours (or ~ lunch) for someone with a similar situation like
> mine.
> As far as point person for SoCal goes, I think once we all get a better
> feeling on the level of participation in this half of the state - we may
> have a better handle on who may be appropriate for that role. I would be
> glad to fill the role if no one else steps up. Judging from
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/California#Membership SoCal is pretty lonely
> for active OSGeo members at this point in time.
> Joe
>> Alex,
>> This is great news! I commend you on your leadership with the issues
>> related to the California Chapter. I don't think much would be happening
>> on this front without your initiative.
>> Alex wrote: "I suggest we call a meeting in early Feb to take care of A
>> and C."
>> I have no problem making the meeting in Davis, as long as I know a few
>> weeks in advance what the day is. I'm not sure how things will be for
>> other working professionals, but obviously something in the evening or
>> on weekends would work best for me. If this doesn't work well for others
>> I can take some vacation time.
>> Alex wrote: " Every effort will be made to offer remote participation
>> for SoCal folks and I encourage them to also plan a meeting (maybe
>> alternate NorCal, Socal every few months?)"
>> Do we have a contact with any of the Socal folks so we could help them
>> arrange a meeting and perhaps have a similar meeting agenda? It would be
>> good to have a point man (or woman) down south that we could coordinate
>> with.
>> Landon
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