[California] Planning for Exhibits, help needed

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I think drafting up some new proposed chapter goals for 2009 is a good
idea. Maybe our first one should be "form a chapter". :]


I know there are some regional issues I care deeply about, like the
formation of a GIS data model for flood management. I'd also like to see
some outreach to the California Land Surveyors Association, which I
could likely assist with.



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Landon & listers,

In my efforts to move forward and catch-up with the progress occurring
on the mailing list - I was wondering where the best place to include my
ideas on CA sub-chapters within the wiki would be ... how about the
'discussion' tab? or do we think we may want to start a new
page/section. I also noticed since we've rolled over into '09, we may
consider drafting up some new 'Proposed Chapter Goals for 2009'. I'll
dig through my bookmarks for contributions to the 'California GIS Links'
as well.

Still catching up,

I think the size of our state will necessitate sub-chapters in some
form. Why not describe the idea for your sub-chapter on the wiki? I
would include a proposed sub-chapter area (likely based on counties) and
ideas for any local issues that would be tackled by the sub-chapter.
Perhaps you would also share suggestions for our sub-chapters might
operate within the framework of a larger chapter?
Office Phone Number: (209) 946-0268
Cell Phone Number: (209) 992-0658

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