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Dear Jachym,
I think, that good will be to speak more about form. My idea is to move on
regional conferences more towards interactive actions like HAckhathonds,
Sprint codes etc.
I agree, that specifically European problems could be discussed like INSPIRE
etc., but there I prefer real large scale testing etc. I think, that this
is, what Community need, to have chance more work together. Important I see
to meet people and to do something together.

As interesting I see also to look, how to join communities, like people from
No GIS Open Data, connection to Linked Open Data, could be Future Internet.
I think, that there now exist a lot of tools, but probably, what we need is
inspiration from new and other arreas and also broader communication with
people outside community Karel

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Hi all,

my name is Jachym Cepicky, and was chairman of the FOSS4G-CEE conference in
Prague, 2012.

Last moth, we had nice conference in Bremen [2], which was proudly named

FOSS4G Europe (started as FOSS4G Central and Eastern Europe) is the regional

Its scope is to bring the spirit and information flow of the global FOSS4G
conference closer to the people living in various edges of Europe.

I hope, you all agree with me, that FOSS4G-Europe is
- rather small than big,
- rather simple than opulent,
- rather affordable than spendy,
- rather educative than academic,
- rather fun & social than boring.

FOSS4G Europe is intended to address also (but not exclusively) Europe
specific topics, like INSPIRE, European Union and other topics.

This year in Bremen, it was combination of Fun and Information flow again.

I hope, most of you would like to keep the event moving on, to organize it
once again next year.

For this purpose, we should try to establish conference committee [1], who
would decide about the venue based on proposals, which we hope, will arrive.

Therefore I suggest, everybody, who is interested in being in the committee,
shall add his/her name into the list of committee members in the wiki [1]. I
have taken me the liberty to add passed FOSS4G-CEE/Europe chairs in the list
as starters. I did not add anybody else not that I would exclude him/her,
but  because of you might be upset. I would like to encourage especially
members of conference committees, who were actively participating on
FOSS4G-CEE/Europe, to become part of the Conference-Europe-Committee.

I would like too to encourage especially members of local chapters,
especially those, who are organising their own, usually language-specific
local events, to became members of FOSS4G-Europe committee as well, so we
can organize the time schedule in a way, that the events do not correlate
with each other.

What would I expect from members of the committee:

- to actively participate on the selection process,
- to select the best venue from arrived proposals,
- to help the local organisation committee with the organisation (remotely,
via hangouts/skype calls)
- to direct the FOSS4G-Europe in the direction, we all, as participants,
would like to have it

Once again: add your name to [1], if you would like to have your hands on
next years decision process

Any notes/hints/comments?

Thank you all


[1]  http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Conference-Europe
[2] http://foss4g-e.org
Jachym Cepicky
e-mail: jachym.cepicky gmail com
URL: http://les-ejk.cz
GPG: http://les-ejk.cz/pgp/JachymCepicky.pgp

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