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Karel Charvat charvat at ccss.cz
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Hi Ivan,

My idea, is to organise European event different  from FOSS4G. More interactive. Not to compeate with worldwide event. To organise not only strictly oriented event on some concreate product but more real workshops meeting people and generate new ideas




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On Mon, Aug 4, 2014 at 3:14 PM, Karel Charvat <charvat at ccss.cz <mailto:charvat at ccss.cz> > wrote:

Dear Jachym,
I think, that good will be to speak more about form. My idea is to move on
regional conferences more towards interactive actions like HAckhathonds,
Sprint codes etc.


Hi Karel, I am not sure if FOSS4G Europe still fits to 'regional' scale. 
I have very little experience with such conferences, but I strongly feel that FOSS4G Europe, a scaled down form of big FOSS4G with all attributes mentioned by Jachym (affordable, educative, fun ...) is a very good idea. Code sprint was very last part of event in Bremen.


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