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Maria Antonia Brovelli maria.brovelli at polimi.it
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Jachym, in case (only in case) it will be in Como, I propose 7-10 July 2015. I saw that this could be the best period with respect to other events in Europe (and not only in Europe)  and we have no other events also in Como (and therefore I'm able to book the Aula Magna - as a matter of fact already booked).
I have started collecting letters of interest and support by actors, like the Italian GFOSS Association, Universities and SMEs. JRC also expressed  interest in having FOSS4G Eu in Como but I don't have still a document proving that.

As for teh last point: hackathons, sprints are most welcomed but I want absolutely also an Academic Track. FOSS4G Eu has to be at the same level as the International one but focused to Europe. That why also the EC involvement can be important.
Many thanks!

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Hi all, who are concerned in the FOSS4G-Europe topic,

by now, 14 people [1] declared, to be members of Conference Europe committee.

We should now make two or three important decisions (I assume, we all
want European event happen):

* When will it take place, so it does not conflict with other events
* Where will it take place (call for venue)
* How will it be organized, what is it's place within our open source
geospatial community

About the 3rd topic, I hope we agree, that:

* Foss4g-Europe shall bring something from FOSS4G-Global to local community
* But is more related to European topics
* And should be more practical focused (hackathons, sprints are most welcomed)

When will it take place: Last years, it (together with CEE event) it
was about "beginning of summer". We are trying to fit somehow between
regional events and FOSS4G-Global. Most of you will definitely agree,
that there are already so many events, that it makes sense, to try to
join them, instead of filling another gap, when we can focus on work
as well.

Last year, I was asking, whether it would be possible to join it to
Vienna Code sprint or FOSSGIS in Germany. Same applies to other local
events and I still think, it is good idea. That would bring people
together (again).

Any thoughts to this? Or shall we just call for venue with and see,
what will come?


[1] http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Conference-Europe

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