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let me add that the semester problem is not just one of the organisers: many 
participants are students or university researchers, and for them leaving for a 
week during semester usually is hard, if not unfeasible.

my 2 cents,

On 08/19/2014 04:02 PM, Maria Antonia Brovelli wrote:
> I'm getting lost.
> Just few comments:
> - FOSS4G Eu is supposed to have at least 150  people attending but we have to be prepared in having also more
> - FOSS4G Eu is for European people who don't have the possibility (time/money) of going to America and Asia but want to be updated about what is happening in the FOSS4G community. FOSS4G Eu will not be held the year in which FOSS4G is in Europe.
> - One of the topic of FOSS4G Eu is INSPIRE, but it is NOT the INSPIRE Conference. There is more worth of discussing
> - Unfortunately I don't have any experience with Code Sprint and therefore I don't know from the logistic point of view what is needed (but I suppose a computer room or at least a room with good wifi connection). How many people are expected to attend a Code Sprint? There are special reasons why a Code Sprint can't be in summer?
> - Code Sprint and Challenge, like the NASA WW: if we want to have students involved the best period is at the end of the semesters (i.e. summer)
> Anyway and concluding: it seems me that the first problem is about the period of the year.
> For University the possibility is during summer and therefore I vote for summer. Having the conference at the University means also involve students in the FOSS4G world and this, in my opinion, is an added value. For other people, if the main problem is about holiday, probably knowing the conference dates a year in advance, there are possibilities of organize ourselves.
> And, at the end, we don't have to decide the period of the conference once forever. In my opinion we can start with next year.
> Cheers.
> Maria
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>  From my side is question, if it is feasible to have during one year two such
> events in Europe,
> Karel
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> Jachym,
>> I understand the universities issue, but FOSS4G-Europe is not that big
>> (and maybe it will remain rather small), that we can still fit into
>> small venues. I liked the organization of Vienna Code Sprint - it was
>> done in cooperation with city of Vienna and we fit in comfortably.
> I think running a Code Sprint and running a FOSS4G-Europe are two completely
> different things in terms of effort but also in requirements for the venue.
> Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think that FOSS4G-Europe would fit into
> the Vienna code sprint venue.
>> I do not think Europe Code Sprint has to timely overlap with the (next
>> year) U.S.-based C tribe, but March-April is IMHO better, then later.
>> But it was nice, that we could join events like NASA World Wind
>> Challenge  and possibly others as well, not sure, how possible this
>> should be, if we move FOSS4G-Europe to march/april then.
> Although there is a fairly small overlap I'd appreciate if the Code Sprint
> and FOSS4G-Europe don't overlap ;) I don't like the idea of separate US and
> European code sprints as I find it important to have one global OSGeo Code
> Sprint per year. In my opinion this argument is even stronger for the Code
> Sprint than for the global FOSS4G.
> If the Code Sprint returns to Europe in 2016 I could image that it makes
> sense to run both events back-to-back although this would result in a quite
> long event as both are almost running for a week.
> cu
> Stephan
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