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Sorry for crossposting, but this snippet from the thread 
"[Conference-europe] when and where " in the
conference-europe at lists.osgeo.org is very interesting for the industry
list, which was created in response to a detected need on the first
FOSS4G-Europe conference in Bremen last July.

As summer holiday's  are coming to an end, maybe a good time to start
discusing more in depth how open source as a development model could be
integrated/used in bussines.

On 22-08-14 11:27, Mateusz Łoskot wrote:
> Rather business than commercial (just words, I know)
> Yes, I started wondering if we all mean the same.
> To me:
> FOSS4G + commercial = uses of FOSS4G in commercial solutions (i.e. use
> FOSS4G to make
> money through integration, bundles, support, etc./)
> FOSS4G + proprietary = similar, but slightly different as it means
> direct inclusion of FOSS4G
> (where licence allows) in proprietary software solutions (i.e. I sell
> my application X which uses GDAL)
> Finally, we have general issue of FOSS4G vs business which to me
> covers (FOSS4G + commercial) + (FOSS4G + proprietary)
> IMHO, it's important to discuss such differences as one may ask: can I
> present, at the FOSS4G Europe,
> my proprietary software based on OSGeo projects, explain why I use it,
> and how I contribute back to Open Source?
> Such questions may help to shape the major objectives of the event.
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