[Conference-europe] FOSS4G2019 WoW

Codrina Maria Ilie codrina at geo-spatial.org
Fri Aug 9 04:04:18 PDT 2019

Dear friends and FOSS4G enthusiasts,

In preparing your trip to Bucharest, we invite you take a look at the 
FOSS4G2019 WoW! [1]

What does WoW stand for? It stands for Words of Wisdom.

We have asked our FOSS4G2019 ambassadors, our geospatial friends, core 
members of the open source for geospatial community to answer 3 simple 
questions, as they would to a young adult, over a drink.

(1) The Road to Geospatial: How did it all start for you? What was your 
first geospatial undertaking?
(2) Conference experiences: Why should one come to FOSS4G and not go to 
another geo-event? What was your significant conference experience that 
helped you carve your career?
(3) What is your advice for students and young professionals at the 
beginning of their journey?

Given their substantial and multi-fold contributions to our geospatial 
world of today, it is refreshing to find out that they didn’t know it 
all, they didn’t planned it from infancy and they weren’t all A 
students. They too struggled, they too had dilemmas and questions, 
failed at some, did better at others.

Ever heard of the ‘GRASS GIS book’? Take a look at how it started! Ever 
heard of PostGIS? Take a look at the WoWs from it’s founder. Just click 
on the photos here [1] and find out the stories.

We are very grateful to all that took the time to answer our request and 
we kindly invite you to read their Words of Wisdom.

Warm regards,
Codrina Ilie
FOSS4G2019 Program Chair

[1] https://2019.foss4g.org/about/wow/

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