[OSGeo-Conf] 2010 hosting RFP plans

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Thu Aug 28 16:13:33 EDT 2008

Hello fellow OSGeo conference committee members,

I would like to start plans for the release of the 2010 hosting RFP.  An 
initial draft is available[1], but I would like to call an IRC meeting 
in the #foss4g room for this coming Wednesday[2] to discuss this next 
RFP and any required changes.

My goal is to release the RFP before Cape Town (around Sept 22nd), so we 
can announce the RFP release in Cape Town, and then:
  - solicitation to close Dec 1st
  - question period Dec 1st to 15th
  - decision date would be Dec 19th

I hope everyone can attend next week's meeting.


Jeff McKenna
OSGeo VP Conferences

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