[OSGeo-Conf] 2011 Process

Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at wheregroup.com
Mon Nov 2 02:56:12 EST 2009


> And talking about travel visa, if we do decide to stop again
> in North America in 2011, the organizing folks should take care of this
> issue because half the people living on this planet whom we now classify
> as "other" may find it annoyingly cumbersome to get their travel
> documents.
> Venka

Thanks for bringing this up again, coming from Germany I constantly forget
about this type of problem. I currently do not know what it takes but I am
pretty sure that being a US-based organization OSGeo can actually do
something about this, at least for the US some kind of invitation letter
could help. We should make this a mandatory issue for all conferences.


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