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I do agree that Brazilians will fell comfortable to attend the meeting, especially with live translation. I suggest you to invite Edmar Moretti for a workshop on I3Geo, which is a framework that the Brazilian Government made available under public license. 


You can check it at:


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Rafael, all,
I feel that FOSS4G 2010 can be the perfect occasion to invite people from Latin America to join the international community in a friendly environment.
We will probably have spanish live translation for the mail room and  at least half of the attendance will be able to speak spanish.
we are thinking to offer the chance to present in spanish in some slots of the conference.


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2009/11/3 Rafael Medeiros Sperb <rsperb at>:

> Folks,
> I want to make clear that GeoLivre is not a OSGeo-Br meeting, but rather a company's showcase. Therefore, is more oriented to display successful applications that OpenGeo has developed for its clients, especially the government.
> In Brazil, we have started as early as 2002 our brazilian meetings, firstly as mapserver user's meetings (ENUM), and for the last 2 years, as a shy OSGeo-Br get together at the latinoware conference. But nothing compared with what we had in the past. OSGeo-Br came from those mapserver meetings. I believe we are still trying to move from it to OSGeo umbrella. It has been a little messy to this moment.

Thanks for your comments Rafael,

It's a pitty that finally I wasn't able to attend Latinoware :(

Anyway, about gvSIG, a brazillian user group is emerging after the
Buenos Aires conf and it would be great to stay close to the OSGeo-br
people as in Spain. Both communities have a lot in common and many
opportunities to share and work together.

> I do agree with Jorge that LA has a potential on its own. But thus far, there has been little movement to integrated portuguese and Spanish speaking countries. This would be the wise movement for next year.

/me subscribing to the osgeo-br (and osgeo-pt!!) mailing lists... :-)

Jorge Gaspar Sanz Salinas
Ingeniero en Geodesia y Cartografía
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