[OSGeo-Conf] Denver hosting approved by the Board

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Thu Jun 3 15:45:53 EDT 2010

Eric & Denver LOC,

The OSGeo Board of Directors has approved your proposal to host the 
FOSS4G2011 event.  Congratulations!

The Board did make 2 conditions:

- before you start spending money, you should present a budget to the 
Board for approval
- once the budget is approved, a Board member will be assigned to your 
LOC to monitor that you are operating within that budget

But you can start announcing this, when you are ready.  Let us know if 
you need help announcing (in the past some teams wanted to wait until 
their website shell was ready...but that is totally up to your LOC).

In the short term maybe you should file an OSGeo ticket to have a 
'foss4g2011-private at lists.osgeo.org' mailing list setup (please include 
myself and Tyler on that list at the minimum, and also PaulR if he is 
willing), and also a public 'foss4g2011 at lists.osgeo.org' mailing list 
(that might not be used now but will in the future).

Again congratulations to your team!!!

(I'll hold back any tweets about this until you say that you are ready)


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