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Thanks Cameron,

I included the Government employees who fly in with another category. Almost
all Government employees attending on official travel will stay at the
conference hotel. Local Government employees will not. So I split them.
There is also a huge local community of geospatial professionals who would
just show up for a day or two and definitely wouldn't stay at the conference


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On Wed, Jun 23, 2010 at 3:20 PM, Cameron Shorter
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>  Good work Eric,
> Looks like you have done your homework as this looks pretty close.
> What you are calling "Colorado Front Ranger" might be a bit broad.
> I'd probably break that down into: Colorado Government Employee  (20%)
> profile as below, USA Government Employee in GIS Department (Manager or the
> senior wizard tech guy) (30%). (Wild guesses on the % here).
> The USA Government employee will need to fly in from around the USA, so
> will stay in a hotel, and will stay for the duration, but will leave early
> to get home on Friday night and spend time with the kids on the weekend.
> On 23/06/10 23:18, Eric Wolf wrote:
> In order to put better understand the venue needs for FOSS4G 2011, I have
> come up with some rough projections based on 2007-2009 attendance. I also
> created four "profiles" of different sorts of attendees and the percentage
> of the whole that I suspect they would make up. I would greatly appreciate
> feedback on any of this - especially if I'm missing something. Feel free to
> check out the same on the WIki:
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/FOSS4G_2011_Denver_Attendance_Projections#Attendee_Profiles
>  Attendance
>  Pessimistic 426
>  Likely 839
>  Optomistic: 1431 (capped at 1200)
>  Profiles:
>  Low-income Contributor - 15%
> This person may be a student, come from a developing nation, or just be
> under-employed. She will be paying out of pocket for the conference. She
> will not stay at the conference hotel and may even be interested in a hostel
> or "couch-surfing". She will use public transportation or borrow a bicycle
> (highlight the new Denver bike share program). Despite her low income, she
> will come armed with at least one laptop and a smart phone. She will use the
> conference WiFi and power outlets heavily.
>    a. Low conference fee with extras being optional
>    b. Very low cost accommodation options
>    c. Heavy use of wifi and power
>    d. More likely to lead a workshop than attend one.
> FOSS Professional - 30%
> This person may be a consultant applying FOSS for customers or work for a
> large company integrating FOSS into the company's systems. Consultants will
> be paying out of pocket (as consultants always do) and others will have
> their employer either pay for or reimburse costs. She may likely stay at the
> conference hotel to increase networking opportunities. If she doesn't stay
> at the conference hotel, she will stay at a nearby hotel. She will come to
> workshops with a laptop but may only carry a smart phone to presentations.
> She will rely on public transportation or cabs. Most US government employees
> fall in this category. Many of these people like to self-identify with the
> "Low-income Contributor" as there is a certain romance to being heavily
> involved in contributing to FOSS.
>   a. Will pay for extras, especially if the conference fee is low.
>   b. Likely stay at conference hotel if the rates are good
>   c. Likely to attend many workshops
> Business Leader - 5%
> This person will be in upper management or an officer of a company. The
> company may be an established utility or a tech startup. Her time is more
> valuable than the cost of the conference. She will stay at the conference
> hotel but will likely only stay for a one or two days. She will rely on
> taxis rather than public transportation. May have a laptop but more likely
> will use a smart phone or a tablet with 3G rather than depending on WiFi.
>   a. May appreciate an "everything" registration option.
>   b. Will stay at the conference hotel
>   c. May attend a workshop or two but won't want to choose until she is
> here.
> Colorado Front Ranger - 50%
> This person is from the local area and may fit one of the above profiles.
> Her company may give her one or two days off to attend workshops or key
> presentations but may not pay for registration. She will not stay in a hotel
> and will either drive or use public transportation each day to reach the
> event. She will have a laptop and a smart phone and will use WiFi and power.
> May attend one social event but not all.
>   a. Would appreciate single-day registrations
>   b. Will not stay at the conference hotel (or any hotel)
>   c. Will likely attend many workshops - and may skip the rest of the
> conference.
>  -Eric
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