[OSGeo-Conf] Call for Vote: 2011 document ready for release

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Wed Mar 31 11:30:29 EDT 2010

Cameron, comments inline below:

Cameron Shorter wrote:
> A belated +1 from me. Sorry, I sometimes don't get to foss4g emails till 
> the weekend. Some comments targeted for future releases, which need not 
> go into the current RFQ:
> * One of the issues we ran into with our 2009 PCO was their 
> unwillingness to share documents under an Open Licence.
> I think it is important to state our preference for tenderers who will 
> use Open Sharing of all conference material generated, otherwise PCOs 
> will not adhere to this criteria after they have secured the conference. 
> (They have a lot of IP tied up in budgets and specific documents which 
> they don't like sharing with competition)

Very good point.  Do you suggest that we add this to the request for 
hosting document, or do we make sure to relay this point to the winning 
team, before they sign their PCO contract?

> * At FOSS4G 2011, I suggest that we invite potential bidders 2013 and 
> maybe 2014 bidders to announce their interest to host a conference.

Not a bad idea at all.  The winning 2012 team will be at FOSS4G2011 to 
promote, so why not have the 2013 interested teams each do a 5 minute or 
less pitch.


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