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On 5.4.2012 22:24, Gavin Fleming wrote:
> I need another differentiator. To all three teams: What's your
> motivation for bidding for FOSS4G? In other words, what's going to drive
> you to make FOSS4G a success from your (local) perspective? Just a brief
> paragraph or a few bullets.

* Positive impact at local communities
(Establishing of new OSGeo Local chapters.)
I know - organization of FOSS4G is not mandatory to create the chapters.
In the region, only few OSGeo Local chapters  were established -
critical mass was not reached yet.

* Positive impact on the market.
I agree with the statement, that one of core function of the conference
is bringing community of developers together. The impact on the market
is another one. Open Source can be seen not only as "philosophy" of
software development, but (RMS, forgive me) as a "business model", which
still some people do not trust. FOSS4G can demonstrate power of
community development to local decision makers.

* Balanced budget
Well balanced budget, with low threshold for students.

* Impact at education system
To bring projects to workers in the education system (commonly referred
as teachers) and their students with all positive impact this brings in
the future.

Maybe Karel will add several notes from his point of view


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