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We wrote short letter in Finnish about this subject, here is my shorter
version of it:
Use of Open Source solution is expanding in private and public sector. Mixed
use of closed and open source software will raise productive and efficiency.
FOSS4G will bring best experts to Finland. This will help participants to
network and build better solutions for society.

National Land Survey of Finland will open all their Topographic Information
on 1st of May, 2012. Opening other public information data sources in near
future, will make Finland to be very interesting living laboratory use of
open data. Cooperation with open source developers overseas, will give great
possibility to Finnish developers to expand their knowledge and talent.

We don't have active OSGeo Local Chapter in Finland. FOSS4G will give big
boost to use and develop FOSS4G solutions in Finland and in neighboring
countries. Personally, I'm very interested to get also GIS developers and
users from Russia (especially from St. Petersburg) to join our conference in



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I need another differentiator. To all three teams: What's your motivation
for bidding for FOSS4G? In other words, what's going to drive you to make
FOSS4G a success from your (local) perspective? Just a brief paragraph or a
few bullets.

A question for clarification for the Nottingham team: Would you package and
market FOSS4G and AGI as one event (pretty much like we did with
FOSS4G/GISSA in 2008) or will there be any sort of separation / split
between the two?

Gavin Fleming

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