[OSGeo-Conf] 2012 Status?

Michael P. Gerlek mpg at flaxen.com
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I also received a private reply from Beijing on this issue as well, with a couple contact email addresses, and replied to them as follows:


> We (the OSGeo board, the OSGeo conference committee, and the OSGeo community) are

> all very concerned about the apparent lack of progress - the website, information about

> getting visas, lack of time to make travel plans, and so forth. If you want to attract significant

> non-Chinese attendance, you'll need to start generating publicity and attention for the event

> immediately.


> It would be helpful, perhaps, if you were to send a note to the osgeo-discuss list outlining the

> current state of plans for the event: that might help reassure people and dispel rumors.




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Dear all,


All your concerns are reasonable. 


The main problem for LOC now is about lack of hands. Beijing team does not have enough funds to hire full-time epeciallists to deal with all sorts of work.And the communication is not prompt because a translator is needed in emails communication. When you raise a topic, a part-time translator will translate your email into Chinese, and LOC will discuss it. It is time-consuming. But we do value your opinion. The LOC is speeding up all the work.


Call for workshop and call for papers will be online in 2 days.

The disorder and confusion of website is corrected, except for 2011 schedule information, LOC is working on that.

the ponsors logos have been corrected.


Thank you all for your concern and help.


Susan Xiong



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