[OSGeo-Conf] Resignation from Committee

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Mon Feb 6 10:06:44 EST 2012

Hello everyone,

I haven't been able to give my usual effort to this conference 
committee, since Denver.  I feel it is best that I resign and let 
everyone continue their great FOSS4G work.

The good news is that I have always archived everything: just take a 
glimpse at how far back files for raw conference logos, documents, RFPs, 
etc., go: https://svn.osgeo.org/osgeo/foss4g/  I always made sure to 
store raw OpenOffice files as well for RFP documents.

I could not be more proud than to have worked with the other conference 
committee members to spread the Open Source geospatial passion in 
various regions of the world.  I really wanted to do that, it was a 
specific goal of mine, and it is one of the things I can say I achieved 
in my life.  We went to places that most OSGeo people told me privately 
would fail, and we made it work - and now those communities are vibrant 
in Open Source geospatial.

I am very positive about the future of FOSS4G and OSGeo.  I can see that 
more FOSS4G events are popping up around the world, and this is 
excellent.  I have no doubt that the Beijing event will be a great 
event, as I have so many times witnessed the FOSS4G passion in that part 
of the world.

I should also mention the Sol Katz award, which I hope will continue to 
be part of every annual FOSS4G event.  Sophia and I would like this to 
continue, as a way each year to thank someone for their hard work in the 
community, as well as honor one of our pioneers, Sol.

Before I sign off here, I'd like to mention every conference committee 
member that helped us through the years, because they deserve so much 
thanks, yet I never had time to thank them, for their input, their 
passion, and their time.  Thank you, and, in the words of Lorenzo, a big 
hug from me to:

Rafael Sperb
Dave Patton
Luc Maurer
Daniel Rappo
Alan Grignon
Olivier Ertz
Allan Doyle
Lorenzo Becchi
Frank Warmerdam
Cameron Shorter
Paul Ramsey
Venka Raghavan
Claude Philipona
Markus Neteler
Helena Mitasova
Dave McIlhagga
Steve Lime
Gavin Fleming
Arnulf Christl
Thierry Badard

And to all of the past FOSS4G event committee members, all those local 
organizers from 2003 until today, where would we be without you? - I 
thank you from my heart for working so hard and delivering a wonderful 
event, each and every year.

I've enjoyed working with each and every one of you.  Thank you.


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