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Cameron, All

Please see in-line

On 09/14/2012 04:41 AM, Cameron Shorter wrote:
> Andrew,
> Thanks for providing some starting ideas to work from. I'll float a 
> few more discussion points and suggestions.
> The FOSS4G brand is now being applied to multiple location based 
> events, and we should discuss what level of involvement LocationTech 
> would want with each.
> These are:
> 1. The International FOSS4G (in Nottingham in 2013) drawing 500 - 900
> 2. Regional FOSS4G events (such as FOSS4G-NA and FOSS4G-CEE) drawing 
> 100 - 800

It'd be pretty cool to have an annual FOSS4G North America & FOSS4G 
Europe IMHO.

> 3. Local events or steams within larger events

I've organized some of these myself for OSGeo and been involved with 
others. In my experience, not a lot of staff support is needed... maybe 
a little help promoting them, finding some complementary sponsors and 

> An issue raised in prior FOSS4G analysis' is the loss of knowledge 
> between conferences. Developing a Cookbook will help address this, but 
> another very positive contribution would be to have a paid FOSS4G 
> coordinator position, which would support the LOC.
> I could see such a position being provided by Eclipse/LocationTech, 
> and being a very valuable role. Would this be of interest?
I can foresee the Foundation employing someone for LocationTech events 
as we do for EclipseCon today. If these events are co-hosted or the same 
as FOSS4G, then this makes a lot of sense and would add a strong element 
of continuity between events.

They'd be part of a larger team thus have easy access to deep collective 
experience. Drawing upon the larger team for the time/energy peaks for 
each event may also be possible.

The event team work closely with the business team for sponsorship, 
financial services/accounting, etc. The marketing team for promotion. 
And of course the legal team are pulled in as needed for contracts.

> More inline ...
> On 13/09/2012 11:37 AM, Andrew Ross wrote:
>> Cameron,
>> There's a spectrum of possibilities. Here are 3 possible points that 
>> could serve as landmarks for discussion.
>> *Full Service*
>> For the Eclipse community the Foundation runs 2 big conferences a 
>> year. One in North America and one in Europe. They tend not to move 
>> around as much as FOSS4G has. They tend to be in very accessible 
>> locations thus outreach does not appear to suffer. Fewer variables 
>> changing from year to year (suppliers, venue, air/train/and other 
>> transportation, etc.) help to de-risk the event and continually 
>> enhance it over time.
>> This service includes the items you mention and more. The program 
>> committee controls the content and consists of community members & 
>> esteemed guests. The program is strictly detached from sponsorship or 
>> membership. The heavy lifting of running a good show is done by 
>> dedicated staff. "profits" are the return, "losses" the ever present 
>> risk.
>> We could do the same for combined FOSS4G + LocationTech events. 
>> Naturally, others would be welcome also.
> I expect that FOSS4G events would not gain much by handing over 
> complete control to Eclipse. It would be desirable to continue to make 
> use of our OSGeo volunteers who have been doing a great job running 
> conferences to date, however it would be good to provide a level of 
> backup from an Eclipse staff.

Can you think of specific items that are important in this regard?

For example, negotiating venue contracts, A/V contracts, catering, 
printing, decorating, etc. etc. I'm guessing the organizing committee 
would want to be aware and have input but frankly leave much of the 
execution work here to staff.

>> *Strategic Partner*
>> A more limited role, where we take on a portion of the risk by 
>> guaranteeing a level of sponsorship & registrations from LocationTech 
>> - basically a level larger than any single organization would bring & 
>> possibly growing in time as we have a benchmark for comparison. We 
>> would also promote the event. This is in exchange for benefits such 
>> as discounts for our members. I had support for this idea.
> I think this would be valuable and well worth progressing.
>> *Sponsor*
>> An even more limited role would be if we decide to sponsor.
>> There's no need to talk about LocationTech as a sponsor... we'd be 
>> just another sponsor to FOSS4G and FOSS4G just another event to 
>> LocationTech thus straight forward.
>> If the first two options sound interesting, a conference call might 
>> be a suitable next step.
> Yes, lets see where this conversation goes on email, the set something 
> up in a couple of weeks or so.
> (Probably on IRC)


>> Andrew
>> On 12 September 2012 18:35, Cameron Shorter 
>> <cameron.shorter at gmail.com <mailto:cameron.shorter at gmail.com>> wrote:
>>     Andrew,
>>     Thank you for your recent suggestions. Selection of conference
>>     website software is very topical. It was one of the suggestions
>>     brought up is discussions following foss4g 2012 analysis.
>>     I'm keen to expand our conversation between Eclipse/LocationTech
>>     and OSGeo in relation to FOSS4G.
>>     I understand that LocationTech has a strong interest in being
>>     involved in spatial conferences, which I think has the potential
>>     to be very positive.
>>     As we are starting to document our FOSS4G processes, I think the
>>     time is right to start solidifying how LocationTech would be
>>     involved in a FOSS4G series.
>>     For instance, it will be very helpful to know if LocationTech
>>     would wish to provide assistance to conferences by providing web
>>     site support, or maybe a dedicated staff member, or maybe
>>     financial support. If such support were provided, what would
>>     LocationTech be looking for in return?
>>     Andrew,
>>     How would you like to progress such a conversation?
>>     On 12/09/2012 11:45 PM, Andrew Ross wrote:
>>         Hi All,
>>         In case it is helpful:
>>         Like many others, Eclipse uses the Drupal based Conference
>>         Organizing Distribution (COD) http://www.usecod.com/ for
>>         EclipseCon and EclipseCon Europe.
>>         In addition to the many useful features, we find it helps
>>         reduce effort, risk, and speeds up getting quality/consistent
>>         event sites up.
>>         Andrew

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