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Thanks for providing some starting ideas to work from. I'll float a few 
more discussion points and suggestions.

The FOSS4G brand is now being applied to multiple location based events, 
and we should discuss what level of involvement LocationTech would want 
with each.
These are:
1. The International FOSS4G (in Nottingham in 2013) drawing 500 - 900
2. Regional FOSS4G events (such as FOSS4G-NA and FOSS4G-CEE) drawing 100 
- 800
3. Local events or steams within larger events

An issue raised in prior FOSS4G analysis' is the loss of knowledge 
between conferences. Developing a Cookbook will help address this, but 
another very positive contribution would be to have a paid FOSS4G 
coordinator position, which would support the LOC.
I could see such a position being provided by Eclipse/LocationTech, and 
being a very valuable role. Would this be of interest?

More inline ...

On 13/09/2012 11:37 AM, Andrew Ross wrote:
> Cameron,
> There's a spectrum of possibilities. Here are 3 possible points that 
> could serve as landmarks for discussion.
> *Full Service*
> For the Eclipse community the Foundation runs 2 big conferences a 
> year. One in North America and one in Europe. They tend not to move 
> around as much as FOSS4G has. They tend to be in very accessible 
> locations thus outreach does not appear to suffer. Fewer variables 
> changing from year to year (suppliers, venue, air/train/and other 
> transportation, etc.) help to de-risk the event and continually 
> enhance it over time.
> This service includes the items you mention and more. The program 
> committee controls the content and consists of community members & 
> esteemed guests. The program is strictly detached from sponsorship or 
> membership. The heavy lifting of running a good show is done by 
> dedicated staff. "profits" are the return, "losses" the ever present risk.
> We could do the same for combined FOSS4G + LocationTech events. 
> Naturally, others would be welcome also.

I expect that FOSS4G events would not gain much by handing over complete 
control to Eclipse. It would be desirable to continue to make use of our 
OSGeo volunteers who have been doing a great job running conferences to 
date, however it would be good to provide a level of backup from an 
Eclipse staff.

> *Strategic Partner*
> A more limited role, where we take on a portion of the risk by 
> guaranteeing a level of sponsorship & registrations from LocationTech 
> - basically a level larger than any single organization would bring & 
> possibly growing in time as we have a benchmark for comparison. We 
> would also promote the event. This is in exchange for benefits such as 
> discounts for our members. I had support for this idea.

I think this would be valuable and well worth progressing.

> *Sponsor*
> An even more limited role would be if we decide to sponsor.
> There's no need to talk about LocationTech as a sponsor... we'd be 
> just another sponsor to FOSS4G and FOSS4G just another event to 
> LocationTech thus straight forward.
> If the first two options sound interesting, a conference call might be 
> a suitable next step.

Yes, lets see where this conversation goes on email, the set something 
up in a couple of weeks or so.
(Probably on IRC)

> Andrew
> On 12 September 2012 18:35, Cameron Shorter <cameron.shorter at gmail.com 
> <mailto:cameron.shorter at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Andrew,
>     Thank you for your recent suggestions. Selection of conference
>     website software is very topical. It was one of the suggestions
>     brought up is discussions following foss4g 2012 analysis.
>     I'm keen to expand our conversation between Eclipse/LocationTech
>     and OSGeo in relation to FOSS4G.
>     I understand that LocationTech has a strong interest in being
>     involved in spatial conferences, which I think has the potential
>     to be very positive.
>     As we are starting to document our FOSS4G processes, I think the
>     time is right to start solidifying how LocationTech would be
>     involved in a FOSS4G series.
>     For instance, it will be very helpful to know if LocationTech
>     would wish to provide assistance to conferences by providing web
>     site support, or maybe a dedicated staff member, or maybe
>     financial support. If such support were provided, what would
>     LocationTech be looking for in return?
>     Andrew,
>     How would you like to progress such a conversation?
>     On 12/09/2012 11:45 PM, Andrew Ross wrote:
>         Hi All,
>         In case it is helpful:
>         Like many others, Eclipse uses the Drupal based Conference
>         Organizing Distribution (COD) http://www.usecod.com/ for
>         EclipseCon and EclipseCon Europe.
>         In addition to the many useful features, we find it helps
>         reduce effort, risk, and speeds up getting quality/consistent
>         event sites up.
>         Andrew
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