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Please find the following information that Steve had indicated he would

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Find attached copies of the contracts  I promised to provide during
yesterday’s meeting.  I hope those considering options for management
support of future FOSS4G events find these two very different approaches
helpful to their deliberations.  ****

** **

As you are probably aware, for the International event in Denver, GITA and
OSGeo agreed to a fixed cost contract for all services provided.  I believe
the effective percentage charge was in the ballpark of 30% of profit.  For
the upcoming North American event, SharedGeo and OSGeo agreed to a highly
flexible contract which allows for tailoring of services as determined by
the Local Organizing Committee.  Consequently, the payment concept is cost
plus 3%.  Both approaches have pluses and minuses.  I think the GITA model
probably makes sense for the international event, whereas the flexible
approach is probably a better model for regional events.****

** **

Anyway, since I was sitting in on your behalf, thought best that you pass
along with any comments you might want to add.  ****

** **

Let me know if there is anything else folks might need or want to look at.**

** **

All My Best,****


** **

*Stephen D. Swazee, Sr.*

Executive Director****

SharedGeo - Collaborative Mapping Services****

Website: www.sharedgeo.org****

Blog: www.epcupdates.org****

** **

sdswazee at sharedgeo.org****

1360 University Ave. West, Suite 455****

St. Paul, MN 55104-4086****

Direct: (612) 239-6981****

Main: (651) 285-5015****

Toll Free: 888-877-7GEO (436)****

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