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Hi Folks,


I send this information already to Steven, but I’d like to share also with


This is quite long email concerning OS usage in public sector (mainly in
EU). It includes valuable links to best practices in EU and also my personal


We updated guideline for Finnish government about usage of Open Source
Software last year. It has been published as public guideline, but it's only
in Finnish. Online translators are making document just more un-readable ;-)

Avoimen_lhdekoodin_toimintamalli_-_v2012-12-19.pdf (PDF)


During this update project, we also try to collect information about similar
guidelines in Europe. Here is short list of results:


EU: has a lot of information/guidelines of usage OSS. Maybe the most
important policy is "Downloading and

use Open Source Software does not need a public contract => no need for a
public procurement". So, public

entities can start use OSS without procurement process. BUT, when they
purchase services (like training, 

support, maintenance, customization), they need to follow public procurement


                             EU - OSS-procurement-guideline -final         


                             EU – Public Open Source Software Procurement
Models The Next Generation                



Read also EUPL license papers in your own languages:  



UK: Cabinet Office has release very good procurement kit to purchase Open
Source. I think main message is that you 

have to choose OSS over Closed Source sw. So maybe this most mandatory
guideline in EU (if UK is part of EU ;-)


                             UK – Open Source Procurement Kit


                             UK – All About Open Source v2.0



Iceland: has also very strict guidelines to use OSS. Last year I got
information that they have 18 tasks to

advance usage of OSS.


                             IS – Free and Open Source Software – Government
Policy of Iceland


Netherlands: Procurement guideline made already 2007, very good basic
information and best practices.


                             NL – Acquisition of open-source software


Estonia: Estonia has Government Program about "Information Society Policy".
One of the aims is "Supporting Estonia's

ICT Sector", this could be against EU's open market policy. Well, this easy
to manage: "Services have to deliver in 

Estonian language" ;-)


                             EE - Uuno Vallner: The Estonian software policy



France: Last year (Sep 2012), Prime Minister of France gave a guideline:
"Usage du logiciel libre dans l'administration". As far I understood this
basic guideline for French administration to use more OSS. I haven't follow
so much French OSS market, maybe somebody can tell more about.

However, I think Adullact is very interesting program to leverage use of OSS
in France. Over 10 years they haven been

use OSS in French admin. Again, if you don't know French, following
documents are difficult to understand:                


                             FR - Usage du logiciel libre dans



                             FR - Statuts_ADULLACT_20100624.v2             



If you have any comments, please free to mention on lists or in FOSS4G13.






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Aihe: [OSGeo-Conf] Open Source usage in European Public Sector


I am looking for some help with a few key statistics to use in my opening
presentation at FOSS4G


Does any one have some info on 


1.	the number of EU countries that have IT procurement policies which
encourage or mandate the use of open source?
2.	which countries have based their INSPIRE activities on open source
geo (I suspect most but would like confirmation)


Thanks for any help you can give me


See you in Mappingham tomorrow 



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