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Hi Barend,

Thanks to you , Franz-Josef and all the reviewers for your time and efforts in setting up well coordinated organisation of the academic track of FOSS4G 2013 and getting the journal publishing in time. This is very important for the submitting authors to know that selected outputs will be published in timescales announced. Well done to all of you.

It is also good that now the working system is now in place for the Academic Track publications for FOSS4G as this was again one key objective of ICA-OSGeo MoU vision. Could I request Portland LOC to also continue building upon the momentum build on the AT. Thanks for volunteering to coordinate  this again for next year. I am sure Portland LOC will be happy to get your inputs and expertise.


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Hi all,

For the FOSS4g2013 conference we used two separate systems: WordPress for the main conference site and the presentation and workshops tracks, and OJS (Open Journal System) [http://pkp.sfu.ca/ojs/] for the Academic Track (AT). 

I can't speak for the Wordpress site, that has been done mostly by Barry Rowlingson and Jo Cook (cc-d). The OJS we used for the AT is installed on the OSGEO servers, and also used by the OSGEO Journal. The AT chairs (F-J Behr and myself) experienced OJS as well suited for that particular task, for a next conference we'd probably want to tweak it a bit further, but in general it served us well.

Dating back from the ICA-OSGEO MoU the idea was to consolidate the Academic Track (starting at the ill-fated Beijing conference). I volunteered for that at the time and carried that over to Nottingham. I'd suggest that to keep this going, the Portland team sh/could continue using the same systems, and I am volunteering to coordinate the effort with the Portland LOC (I understand that Eli Adam would be their AT person).

Barend Köbben
ITC - University of Twente
PO Box 217, 7500AE Enschede (The Netherlands)
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On 25-09-13 10:33, "Jorge Sanz" <jsanz at osgeo.org> wrote:

>2013/9/23 Marco Lechner - FOSSGIS e.V. <marco.lechner at fossgis.de>:
>> Hi,
>> the german-speaking OSGeo local chapter D-A-CH announced that it 
>> plans to bid for hosting the FOSS4G 2016.
>> Anyway, after years of running the annual FOSSGIS conference (about 
>> 400 delegates/year), we are unhappy with our software solution 
>> assisting our orga-team. Right now we are using a combination of 
>> pentabarf [1] (for managing paper ssubmission, review and planing of 
>> the program) and CiviCRM [2] on Drupal (for registration, billing and 
>> payment). This does not fit our needs and produces too much 
>> additional work to be done to fullfill our requirements.
>> We found out that the german linux day, Linuxtag [3], is facing the 
>> similar problems. Our recent plans are, to enhance Frab [4] to fit 
>> our needs during the next years.
>> May be it is also interesting for organising FOSS4G conferences and 
>> anybody wants to participate. Any commends welcome.
>> Best regards - and thank you all for the great elapsed conference in 
>> Nottingham
>> Marco
>> FOSSGIS e.V. / OSGeo lc D-A-CH
>> [1] http://pentabarf.org
>> [2] http://civicrm.org/
>> [3] http://www.linuxtag.org
>> [4] http://frab.github.io/frab
>Hi Marco,
>Maybe Drupal is not the path you want to follow but they have a 
>distribution specially focused on conferences called COD. I don't have 
>experience with this drupal profile, it's just what I know they use for 
>their confs.
>Jorge Sanz
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