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Robert Cheetham cheetham at azavea.com
Tue Apr 8 13:36:24 PDT 2014

Hi David.  I can do my best to speak for Philadelphia as a location for

 * Accessible location:
  -> USAir/American hub, Delta, Southwest and United have significant
presence as well
  -> Good international air coverage, though not as good as Dulles, Newark
or JFK
  -> Major Amtrak station
  -> Good internal public transit
  -> Significant hotel capacity at a slightly lower price point than
Boston, New York or DC
 * A huge number of great, affordable restaurants and pubs
 * 3 large research universities within the downtown area (U-Penn. Drexel
and Temple)
 * Walkable downtown

 * Scarcity of medium-sized conference facilities.  The PA Convention
Center is extremely convenient, is in the heart of the city, and is good
for large events, but it's a big place and I don't know how easy it would
be plan an event for 700 - 1000 people.  There are also lots of smaller
spaces that are good for 40 - 100 people, but not a lot in-between. The
best bet may be universities, though that can be tough, depending on the
timing and class schedules.  Some other possibilities might be Sheraton
Society Hill or one of the other hotels.
 * Unions - a big downside for the convention center is the unions - they
are expensive and difficult to work with.  If you don't use the convention
center, it won't be a problem, but they have quite an unpleasant reputation



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On Tue, Apr 8, 2014 at 4:06 PM, David Dubovsky
<ddubovsky at boundlessgeo.com>wrote:

> Andrew,
> I echo David's appreciation for stepping up to take this on. My
> organization (Boundless) sees a lot of benefit to a co-hosted event,
> potentially raising the profile of FOSS4G significantly.
> I did have a few thoughts on location. Before 2015 there will have been
> five FOSS4G Events in North America:
> 2007: FOSS4G Victoria
> 2011: FOSS4G Denver
> 2012: FOSS4G-NA Washington DC
> 2013: FOSS4G-NA Minneapolis
> 2014: FOSS4G Portland
> Given the distribution it looks like FOSS4G is due for an east coast
> event. I know DC would work out, but we did have the first NA event there.
> I'd like to float the idea of having the event in Philadelphia. It has a
> major airport and is easily accessible by train. DC and NYC attendees can
> easily come for one or multiple days via amtrak. I don't think travel
> restrictions would be too bad for Philly either.
> That said I defer to those more familiar with the city and the other
> conferences.
> David
> David Dubovsky
> Marketing Manager | Boundless
> ddubovsky at boundlessgeo.com
> 917-460-7204
> @boundlessgeo
> On Mon, Apr 7, 2014 at 2:45 PM, Andrew Ross <andrew.ross at eclipse.org>wrote:
>>  David,
>> Thank you. Our team is always glad to support the ecosystem.
>> Personally, I'm jazzed at the potential and looking forward to having a
>> lot of fun with this.
>> You're spot-on. We recognize the branding is a crucial bit of this. It's
>> not simple, but I think we should be able to figure out a way to do it that
>> works for everyone. For those that have ideas or want to participate,
>> please speak up ASAP.
>> Cheers!
>> Andrew
>> On 07/04/14 13:50, David William Bitner wrote:
>> Andrew,
>>  First of all, thank you for stepping up as willing to take on FOSS4G NA
>> 2015.
>>  Having made two calls to the broader community over the last several
>> months looking for folks to express interest in hosting the NA event for
>> 2015 with no response, I am excited to see someone with your experience
>> stepping forward. Unless this thread spurs on another bid, at this point, I
>> would not envision necessity for a competitive bid for this event.
>>  I think that co-hosting the event with Eclipse and LocationTech can
>> both help boost the profile and the make this event logistically easier. I
>> think the most critical piece in joining these events this year will be in
>> making sure that we can keep the FOSS4G and OSGeo branding prominent.
>>  Keep in mind as well (anyone else here too that might want to provide a
>> competing bid!), that we have earmarked ~$20K from the Minneapolis event to
>> help bootstrap a 2015 NA FOSS4G.
>>  David
>> On Fri, Apr 4, 2014 at 4:02 PM, Andrew Ross <andrew.ross at eclipse.org>wrote:
>>>  Hello Everyone,
>>> Please excuse the cross post between OSGeo's discuss & conference_dev
>>> lists as well as LocationTech's discussion list. I'm hoping to enable
>>> inclusive discussion about an idea.
>>> Bit of background, this coming May (19-21), LocationTech Summit is
>>> co-hosted with Location Intelligence in Washington D.C.<http://www.locationintelligence.net/>.
>>> Travel restrictions for Federal Government employees for instance meant
>>> holding this in D.C. was important in 2014.
>>> We have started planning for 2015, and I wanted to reach out and see if
>>> an idea might be of interest to the greater community.
>>> The idea is to co-host LocationTech Summit, FOSS4G North America, and
>>> EclipseCon next year in the spring.
>>> For those that haven't been:
>>>    - EclipseCon is a great  developer conference & covers topics that I
>>>    feel may be a really nice complement such as Science, Internet of Things,
>>>    Automotive, Software development best practice, and more. While there are
>>>    some awesome talks in the area, it's not just about the IDE. :-)
>>>    - FOSS4G NA is the regional sibling of FOSS4G Global, also a great
>>>    developer conference, and focused on geospatial technologies. It is a must
>>>    attend event if you're into web mapping or looking for open source GIS
>>>    solutions.
>>>    - LocationTech Summit is new (first one this May), similar to FOSS4G
>>>    however perhaps has a stronger focus on high performance geoprocessing
>>>    technologies and new technologies like GeoGit for instance.
>>>     - My feeble attempt at contrast aside, I think these last two will
>>>    see a lot of the same speakers & audience.
>>> A few thoughts:
>>>    - We believe a combined event could likely be done to prioritize
>>>    camaraderie which is so important for open source projects & community.
>>>    i.e. avoid anyone feeling lost in a huge event.
>>>    - We feel the mutual outreach to people across communities would be
>>>    really useful, interesting, and spark wonderful ideas we can't predict.
>>>    - The logistical work can be done by full time conference organizers
>>>    who organize EclipseCon each year. The program is up to the communities to
>>>    set.
>>>    - For those seeking suppliers, partners, & customers, this should
>>>    make for more opportunities.
>>>     - Profit sharing with significant participating groups is doable.
>>>    We're glad to help figure out a fair and amicable solution.
>>>     - Ensuring each group are well served is a priority of course. We
>>>    think this combined event might attract people who might not otherwise come
>>>    to any of them. But we'll have to try and see.
>>> Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? Is this a good idea? Interested?
>>> Kind regards,
>>> Andrew
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