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Dear Cameron, 

Here are my answers:

3. OSGeo Korean Chapter started FOSS4G Korea in 2011. In 2011, we attracted around 50 and in 2012, around 80 and last year around 120+ people attended FOSS Korea 2013. And KAOS-G's 'Open Source GIS Solution Day' attracted around 100 people in last August. 

4. At first, Prof. Venkatesh in Osaka University is now trying to organize FOSS4G Asia in this Autumn. I and Venka exchanged an idea about merging next year's FOSS4G Asia into FOSS4G 2015 Jeju when Venka visited Korea last year. And many Japan chapter members including Toru Mori, representative of Japan Chapter, showed their strong support for FOSS4G Juju. Also we'll reach and talk to other Asian FOSS4G community. We've already noticed several FOSS4G related events in Asia including Malaysia, India and Sri Lanka. 

5. Actually we don't think much about numbers of delegates from EU/NA specifically. According to our initial budget estimation, we need to attract at least 600 paid delegates to have a gain. I think we also need to attract many people from Australia/New Zealand with your help.:)

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2014. 3. 17., 오후 7:46, Cameron Shorter <cameron.shorter at gmail.com> 작성:

> On 17/03/14 20:11, Steven Feldman wrote:
>> Questions from me for the Korean team to get things started
>> What language(s) will you use at the conference? Can you reach the Asian FOSS4G community while retaining interest from the english speakers?
>> Do you have any ideas of overall delegate costs?
> 3. It is good to hear about Korea's prior experience with local FOSS4G events. Such experience has proven very valuable for prior events. Can you please talk about how many people have been attracted to prior local FOSS4G related events.
> 4. If possible, I'd be interested to hear further about interest from other regional chapters and regional events that you have mentioned. In particular, it would be good to hear how other events could be synchronised with FOSS4G to attract more delegates.
> 5. FOSS4G has traditionally attracted ~ 75% of its attendance from the local region (Asia in this case). If FOSS4G Korea only attracted minimal attendance from Europe/US (say 50 people), would you expect that FOSS4G Korea would still be financially viable?
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