[OSGeo-Conf] Conference_dev Digest, Vol 89, Issue 13

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Mon Feb 23 16:27:11 PST 2015

On 2015-02-23 5:51 PM, Peter Mooney wrote:
> Hello Jeff
> The answers to some of your questions and queries. We have a little work
> to do to answer two of the questions.
> - Section 2: Interesting to read about the Health Atlas Ireland (I tried
> to actually see it in action, but every link I tried required a login).
>  >> This link is really just to show the existence of the Health Atlas
> Ireland. Most of the services use sensitive patient/health data so this
> is why there is a logon needed. If you need screenshots I can try to ask
> my links there for some?

No need at all, I understand.  It's great that it is based on open tools.

>     - the CCD venue looks to be a wonderful location to host FOSS4G.  Did
> you have any direct discussions with the CCD staff (such as about our
> tech requirements), or visit the venue in person?
>  >> Yes we have had discussions and visits. As early as November 2014 I
> completed a full site visit (from basement to roof). Myself and many
> Irish-based members of the LOC have presented there as part of
> conferences and meetings in the past. Our PCO (MCI) also conducted a
> FOSS4G-specific site visit in February 2015. MCI have been involved in
> conference organisation in CCD in the past. We both discussed the
> technical requirements for FOSS4G 2016. We explained that Internet
> connectivity and bandwidth are absolutely crucial for the success of the
> conference. In particular as developers will announce new or updated
> software releases there will be intense spikes of activity.
> We also discussed the need to ensure that there was completely open
> Internet - access to FTP, SVN, GitHub, etc.
> Overall the CCD have the capability of offering 12,000 simultaneous
> connections. The CCD have hosted other software conferences where like
> FOSS4G 2016 there are most delegates using at least two devices (laptop,
> smartphone)

Thanks for this explanation about the venue, it sounds like you and MCI 
know it very well.

>     - wow I love seeing a map of the locations (we are geospatial right
> ha), instead of me having to try to figure out that myself.  And a
> working mapping application showing the locations!
> http://www.peterm7.com/foss4g2016/ (I had to turn on the OSM layer to
> see building names)
>  >> Apologies - I had uploaded the wrong version. The map now has nice
> popups to help with understanding the location of venues for FOSS4G 2016


>     - I worry that the local committee doesn't have enough representation
> from SME / industry. You mention the OpenApp team, and I am surprised
> that no one from their team is included in the local committee
>  >> No need to worry :-) I have a number of SME/Industry colleagues who
> have offered their assistance with the LOC. However they had asked to
> hold back their names and details until a later stage. I will revert to
> them regarding this. At minimum I will send their details to you (Jeff)
> and the board as a private email.

Ah ok, thanks.

> - Section 7: I am not so sure the budget should assume 1,000 attendees
> only.  I would be good to also account for less, such as numbers for
> 600, 800, and 1000 attendees.  I do value your passion and goals for
> 1,000 though.
>  >> MCI (our PCO) will update our budget accordingly.

Thanks, and sorry to cause more work for your team.  I think the 
Conference Committee members will appreciate this update though.

>     - I don't see any proposed expenses for Workshop machines (this is
> often a major expense).  I wonder if, as a worst case scenario, you
> could provide an estimated budget that includes costs for hosting the
> workshops at the CCD venue (will be very pricey, compared to a
> university setting, but you can later examine the university option).
> Or, outline costs for the university hosting the workshops and providing
> the machines and tech support.
>  >> MCI (our PCO) will investigate this and revert quickly to you.
thanks again Peter.


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