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Kristin Bott bottk at reed.edu
Wed Jan 14 09:59:15 PST 2015

Maybe this discussion doesn't need more voices, but I'm speaking up anyway.
Will attempt to be brief:

- I'm curious to hear answers to Darrell's question above -- "What is the
argument for why having a CoC is worse for the conference than not having

- and +1 this from Camielle -- "Just as a contributor agreement sets a
baseline for those who want to make significant contributions to a certain
codebase so too should a Code of Conduct set a baseline for anyone who
wants to contribute to this community"

- and, re: Kate's earlier comment -- "There are people that have pledged
not to attend conferences without a code of conduct. ... I would have had
to seriously consider if I wanted to keynote at a conference without a code
of conduct if the team hadn't understood the need and put one in place."

--- at FOSS4G 2014, the organizers worked hard to make sure that the
conference was accessible to the entire geospatial community, and not just
those who have been traditionally in the room and/or comfortable in the
room. This involved things like helping folks from underrepresented groups
attend the conference. This also meant having a CoC, and enforcing that CoC
when three (3) violations were brought to our attention.

I'll return to Darrell's question above, a slightly different angle -- what
do you lose by having a CoC? What damage is done by actively working to
ensure that an event is welcoming for all attendees?


On Wed, Jan 14, 2015 at 7:13 AM, Darrell Fuhriman <darrell at garnix.org>

> I have bunch of thoughts to add to the e-mails that came in overnight, and
> I’ll get to them later today, but in interim I have a simple question:
> What is the argument for why having a CoC is worse for the conference than
> not having one?
> Darrell
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