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On 15/01/2015 4:59 am, Kristin Bott wrote:
> - I'm curious to hear answers to Darrell's question above -- "What is 
> the argument for why having a CoC is worse for the conference than not 
> having one?"

I'm in favour of a CoC, but found the referenced CoC [1] a bit 
confronting, couched in negative language, and poorly defined around 
what is considered "poor conduct".  In particular, the referenced text 
could be interpreted as "If I include a slide of a *sexualised image*, 
which I might have copied from numerous advertising commercials or music 
videos from popular culture, then I might be asked to leave the conference."

The O'Reilly CoC [2] says almost the same thing, but uses positive 
language and assumption of innocence in its wording. I expect that most, 
if not people currently objecting would be ok with this O'Reilly CoC.

I also think it adds little value, and will likely offend a number of 
attendees, to enforce everyone to tick a "I will abide by the CoC" box. 
Do obviously reference the CoC, including using a 1 sentence version of 
it which gets read.  If people are going to break the CoC, they will do 
so whether they tick a box or not.

I do have an outstanding question about definition of "sexualised 
image", which I expect will be challenging to resolve. Does someone have 
links back to the geek girls community to see if they can help with ideas?

[1] https://2015.foss4g-na.org/code-conduct
[2] http://www.oreilly.com/conferences/code-of-conduct.html

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