[OSGeo-Conf] FOSS4G 2016 host city

Peter Mooney petermooney78 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 05:41:03 PST 2015

Congratulations from all of the Dublin LOC to the Bonn team. We believe
that there were two really great bids from both Dublin and Bonn. It must
have been a tough decision for the OSGeo Board.

While we are disappointed not to win we know that FOSS4G 2016 will be a
wonderful conference organised by great FOSS4G and OSGeo people.

As mentioned in our proposal - I'm available to the Bonn team if you see a
role for me during the coming months of organisation!

Congratulations again,

Bonn team: Viel Erfolg!

Peter and the Dublin LOC.

Steven Feldman wrote

>> Congrats to Bonn

>> Reminder to the Bonn team from me (not board)

>> I would encourage you to offer the board a quick heads up on the level of advance funding you think you might need and when you will need it (e.g. a deposit for the venue)

>> Dublin, a great bid - don’t be discouraged. Why not consider applying for FOSS4G Europe 2017?

>> Cheers
>> ______
>> Steven
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