[OSGeo-Conf] How to handle conflict of interests?

Venkatesh Raghavan venka.osgeo at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 20:44:31 PST 2015

Dear All,

This is a pertinent point raised by Daniel.

If LT is going to be appointed PCO for the FOSS4G
global hosted by OSGeo Foundation, I think it would
necessary for OSGeo and LT to conclude some kind of
MoU outlining steps to resolve conflict of interest
if and when they arise.

Without such a MoU in place, it is difficult for
me to understand LT's involvement as PCO.

I also agree Daniel's view about neutrality of PCO
and about OSGeo taking charge of any loses that
may be incurred during the conducting of the global



On 2015/11/10 10:12, Daniel Kastl wrote:
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> Hi all,
> As someone not really involved in the organisation of FOSS4G's but
> following the discussion on this list, I was wondering how you would
> resolve a conflict of interest of your PCO of choice.
> There was the question how to deal with committee members involved in
> biddings, but my question to the 2 bids with LocationTech as PCO would
> be, if you have ever thought about possible conflicts of interests,
> and how to resolve them eventually.
> - From how I understand the proposals, LocationTechs generous offer to
> bring in their experience with organizing large events like FOSS4G has
> also an aspect, that many people in the OSGeo community seem to be
> concerned about. Whether you call it "competitor" or not, I think it's
> clear, that LocationTech isn't as neutral as PCO's have been in the
> past. Just being "good" without expecting some return of "investment"
> is very rare, isn't it?
> Also, I don't really understand, why OSGeo shouldn't be in charge of
> an eventual loss of FOSS4G. First it seems to be very unlikely to
> happen in North America, second aren't there insurances to cover
> events like disasters for example and last, the financial situation of
> OSGeo isn't that bad (at least at the moment).
> Regards,
> Daniel
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