[OSGeo-Conf] FOSS4G 2017 host city selection result

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Wed Nov 18 04:32:45 PST 2015

An early congratulations to Michael and the entire BLOC.  Of course also 
thank you to the entire Ottawa and Philadelphia teams for their hard 
work throughout this long process.

Michael please note that this is actually a "recommendation" to the 
OSGeo Board, who will now have to approve this at the board level.  I 
will likely allow board members to discuss this internally through a 
voice call in the next few days as well.  Please hold off on any public 
announcements (although unfortunately I see many twitter messages already).

Sanghee thank you for stepping into manage the final vote, as I know 
very well it is a very important position, with more details to consider 
than most realize.  You handled it well.  And let's not forget the 
thankless work that Eli did to get all this rolling, it is an absolute 
thankless position that many criticize but few volunteer to do, and I 
appreciate all of Eli's work through this process.

Talk soon,


On 2015-11-17 10:24 PM, Sanghee Shin wrote:
> Dear All,
> 14 out of 17 members have voted and host city for the 2017 FOSS4G event will be,
> Boston, U.S.A.
> There was no tie.
> Congratulations to the Boston team and many thanks to Ottawa and Philadelphia team for your great works during the bidding.
> I’ll ask approval of this result to the Board soon.
> Kind regards,
> 신상희
> ---
> Shin, Sanghee
> Gaia3D, Inc. - The GeoSpatial Company
> http://www.gaia3d.com

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