[OSGeo-Conf] Update Wiki with Bid Documents

David William Bitner bitner at dbspatial.com
Wed Oct 28 13:15:34 PDT 2015

Hey all,

I've just had it pointed out to me that we have not updated the FOSS4G 2017
Bid Process Wiki with the final proposals submitted by Boston,
Philadelphia, and Ottawa. Could someone with commit to the OSGeo SVN get
these uploaded ASAP and either update the wiki or let me know and I can
update the wiki (http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/FOSS4G_2017_Bid_Process).

We're about half way through our question period and there has been very
little discussion on the proposals. I'd love to nudge anyone here to start
pushing questions/comments on the list!!


David William Bitner
dbSpatial LLC
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