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Till & Cameron:
Thanks much for the lessons learned and advice. They are most welcome. Two
quick points:

   1. While the Boston proposal does not go into depth on the Code Sprint,
   we do mention it as one of the events we hope to "co-locate" with the
   conference (see page 14) of our proposal. Our immediate goal is earn
   OSGeo's faith and be awarded the opportunity to partner on the main
   conference. Then we will proceed to detailed planning for the workshops,
   our program and other related events like the code sprint and potentially
   other smaller, related conferences.
   2. Big +1 to Cameron's suggestion. In fact, that too is mentioned in our
   proposal (see page 11) as we have already benefited greatly from reading
   materials on the Wiki and talking one-on-one with our forebearers who have
   hosted FOSS4G conferences. The collective knowledge of this organization,
   and the open sharing is a huge asset and we wish to actively contribute.

Now back to finishing off our responses to Steven's good questions (some of
which required a little research). Coming up, very soon.


On Fri, Oct 30, 2015 at 3:51 PM, Cameron Shorter <cameron.shorter at gmail.com>

> Yes, I found it very helpful to be writing our FOSS4G 2009 lessons learned
> as we progressed during the event.
> I'd also encourage you to:
> 1. Make use of the FOSS4G Handbook as you progress through the conference
> 2. Update/Add content to the Handbook where it is missing or can be
> improved
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/FOSS4G_Handbook
> On 31/10/2015 6:15 am, Jeff McKenna wrote:
>> Hi Till, as you know these e-mails will be long lost and forgotten, so
>> please add your hints and advice to your "Lessons Learned" page for 2016:
>> http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/FOSS4G_2016_Lessons_Learned
>> -jeff
>> On 2015-10-30 3:18 PM, till.adams at fossgis.de wrote:
>>> Hi FOSS4G-2017-bidders!
>>> I am not part of the "official conference committee", but perhaps some
>>> up-to-date hints we, the 2016-team, just thought of might be helpful to
>>> you, also now in the question period. Read it or not ;-)
>>> 1.
>>> (If not done already) Make kind of a risk analysis, that lists the costs
>>> you have 6,3,2,1 month before the event - this shows clearly, which
>>> costs you have in the very unlikely case, you have to cancel. Comparing
>>> these costs with the number of already registered attendees will help
>>> you to sleep better ;-)
>>> 2.
>>> We've done a very, very conservative calculation and only calculated 40k
>>> sponsoring money. Of course, the more, the better, but doing that will
>>> give you a more robust view on what attendees must bring in return.
>>> Might be you should adapt your break even points or even have to rise
>>> your fees.
>>> 3.
>>> Also keep in mind, that offering special rates for students (and other
>>> groups) might cause problems for your general calculation!
>>> 4.
>>> Might be think of seperating exhibition and sponsorship - I've just seen
>>> some empty big booths from Gold Sponsors in Seoul... manned booth are
>>> much more attractive for all attendees and so in general for all
>>> exhibitors ;-)
>>> 5.
>>> @Philadelphia / @Ottawa: Arnulf just told me, that the 1500$ supporter
>>> package was especially created "as is", means with conference pass and
>>> is used by smaller companies - which are the ground deposit and so
>>> important for spreading the word! That's the reason, why we didn't touch
>>> it...
>>> 6.
>>> @Philadelphia / @Ottawa: About Early Birdies - I just talked to Sanghee,
>>> chair of the 2015 event. In Seoul 25% of all attendees registered few
>>> days before online registration closed or did it on-site! And that's why
>>> we thought about how we can attract Early Birders with more than just a
>>> smaller price. I like the early plans from Boston attracting Early
>>> Birdies especially!
>>> 7.
>>> @Ottawa: We plan a two day codesprint before and a two day cs after the
>>> conference (to be honest, we wanted to have 4 days before, but that did
>>> not work because of room avalability issues). There was a very, very
>>> positive feedback from various OSGeo-projects in doing so. So think of
>>> extending the Code Sprint Saturday somehow
>>> @Boston, I didn't see anything about Code Sprint in your proposal?
>>> So far, Till
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