[OSGeo-Conf] Question: share attendee list ?

Maria Antonia Brovelli maria.brovelli at polimi.it
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Dear Till, Steven and all

the privacy laws (at least in Italy) require that you have the approval of the person for providing their email. In my opinion you can do that, after having sent an email to all people,  for those who reply positively.

If somebody doesn't react, this is not sufficient to say that you can pass his/her email.

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We went through this discussion last year and I'm not sure whether we reached a conclusion.

I am in favour of passing 2016 names to 2017 team but I recognise that data protection rules are a constraint. I see 2 options (others may chip in with more)

  1.  Provide the names of all people that 'ticked the box' in 2016 - possibly Boston team should send their first mail to this group with an explanation of why they are receiving the mail and an optout
  2.  Send one mail to all of the 2016 names saying that we would like to pass their details to Boston team and giving them the option to opt out by replying 'unsubscribe' plus they will always have the option to opt out in the future

It would be much easier if OSGeo had a mailchimp or equivalent service that could handle lists and opt outs etc and track mailings, the service could be used by all our global and regional events. A mail chimp account would cost $50/month for up to 5,000 mail recipients (< 2,000 is free)

On 20 Dec 2016, at 10:21, till.adams at fossgis.de<mailto:till.adams at fossgis.de> wrote:

Dear ConfComm,

I want to discuss and listen to your opinions regarding the following issue:
Boston asked me to share our attendee list with them, so they can contact our attendees and deliver their news to them.

As all non-americans among us might know, we have strict privacy laws here in Europe. So this is one point and another one is, that we do not know, whether participants of F4G 2016 are happy to get contacted by the Boston team. Some of them may, some not. It's even unsure that those, that registered for Bonn and checked the box, that they want to get updates from us really like to get contacted from the next team.
And - as said - I am kind of unsure, how the legal position is, when I pass the list over...

Do not understand me wrong: I support the Boston team on all questions and I am happy to help them, but before passing over the list, I'd like to know about your positions.
Perhaps we also can derive some rules on how to proceed with the attendees lists in the following years?

Kind regards & happy Chrismas to everybody,

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