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Michael Terner mgt at appgeo.com
Tue Dec 27 05:28:59 PST 2016

Kudos to this team for putting a concrete proposal on the table which aims
to address many of the points that Steven raised in his initial proposal as
well as some of the comments that were raised during lengthy discussion of
that proposal. I don't have a vote but this appeals on a common sense basis
and I think Item #5 under "Decisions" gets to the heart of what seemed to
be the most contentious matter (i.e., how are "veto votes", or -1's
addressed). There needs to be a smooth transition from "full consensus" to
"majority vote" so that gridlock is avoided. This item seems to provide a
clear framework for that transition.

I would also like to suggest one further minor refinement to item #1 of
"FOSS4G selection" based on the 2017 competition (as the situation did not
arise with the 2018 competition generating only one proposal). We would
respectfully suggest that the final Proposals *not* be posted directly to
the Conference Dev list by the proposing cities, but rather to an
intermediary, who would then post them publicly after the global deadline
has passed. In the 2017 competition there was a gap of >8 hours between
when the first proposal was submitted, and the last. And this gap provides
the late submitters an opportunity to look at the earlier submittals before
submitting. I don't suggest that anything untoward happened in 2017, but
the "public posting" process accommodates an opportunity for this to happen
and is very easily remedied. A simple sentence added to #1 would cover
this: "Final FOSS4G proposals will be emailed by the proposing cities to an
intermediary, named by Conference Dev, before the deadline; and the
intermediary will post them publicly the day following the deadline."

Good luck with the deliberations and voting...


On Mon, Dec 26, 2016 at 9:28 PM, Cameron Shorter <cameron.shorter at gmail.com>

> Conference committee,
> Maria, Venka, Steven, Eli and I have revisited the proposed conference
> committee processes, addressing previous concerns from Maria and Venka.
> After some adjustments, we are all now happy with the text [1].
> Could all please run your eyes over this and comment on whether you think
> it is ok, or whether you think there is something extra needing to be
> changed.
> Once we have heard from the majority of the committee (preferably all),
> and any comments raised have been addressed, I'll start a motion as a
> separate email thread to finalise these processes. I'll leave up to 2
> weeks, till 10 Jan for people to comment).
> The changes include:
> * There is no set number of people on the committee, just a requirement
> that global FOSS4G chairs/co-chairs make up more than 50% of the committee.
> * Major decisions will have a minimum of 1 week for people to vote to try
> and ensure there is sufficient time for most (if not all) committee members
> to vote.
> * A number of other minor tweaks to the text.
> Note: We currently have 11 global foss4g chair/co-chairs on the conference
> committee. Based on proposed rules, we have space for 10 more people on the
> committee (totaling 21). We currently have 16 members [2] listed.
> Jeroen, Helena, you both recently volunteered to step down from the
> committee. I'm hopeful that you might reconsider and rejoin.
> [1] https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Conference_Committee_Policy_Disc
> ussions#Motion_3:_adjusted_based_on_feedback_by_Cameron_Shorter
> [2] https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Conference_Committee#Current_Members
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